The queens gave heartwarming makeovers to six special guests on the latest episode of Drag Race UK season four.

Spoiler’s ahead

Last week, the contestants performed their best celebrity impressions for the show’s iconic Snatch Game challenge.

While Cheddar Gorgeous, Jonbers Blonde, and Dakota Schiffer delivered hilarious performances as Elizabeth I, St Patty and Pete Burns, the other queens struggled to deliver a steady string of jokes.

After strutting down the runway in their sickening “Tickled Pink” ensembles, Mama Ru named Cheddar the winner of the maxi-challenge and RuPeter badge – leaving Le Fil and Black Peppa in the bottom two.

After delivering an electric rendition of The Spice Girls’ hit song Stop, RuPaul declared Black Peppa the winner and sent Le Fil home.

For their seventh maxi-challenge, Ru tasked the contestants with giving drag makeovers to the beloved Queen Team – comprised of Drag Race UK producers Fleur, Gemma, Lucie, Mystique, Olivia, and Wendy.

“For those who don’t know, the Queen Team is literally our backbone in this competition. They do everything to make sure that we are taken really well cared of and keeping us together from losing our s**t,” Black Peppa said in a confessional.

The challenge proved to be emotional for the queens, who each shared heartwarming moments with their makeover subjects.

After receiving helpful advice from Drag Race legend Raven, the ladies and their Queen Team counterparts headed to the mainstage to present their work for the judges’ panel – which featured Michelle Visage stepping in for RuPaul as the show’s host.

While each of the queens delivered creative family resemblance makeovers, Danny Beard and Cheddar were lauded by the judges for their unique ensembles and characters.

In the end, Visage named Cheddar the winner of the maxi-challenge, resulting in Dakota and Pixie Polite in the bottom two.

In their last effort to stay in the competition, the two queens were asked to lip-sync to Culture Club’s hit single, Miss Me Blind.

Shortly after the emotional performance, Visage consulted with Ru before naming Pixie as the winner, which resulted in Dakota sashaying away.

“Thank you for the most incredible experience and for letting me finally have confidence in myself. Thank you,” she told the judges before leaving the runway.

In her backstage confessional, she added: “To go out at this moment. It’s impossible to be sad. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve done things I thought I’d never be able to do here. I was the first trans woman on Drag Race UK. To be that representation has been an honour to represent my community.”

Here’s how fans reacted to Visage’s hosting duties and Dakota’s shocking elimination: