Drag Race UK star Ginny Lemon has opened up about their past criticism of the franchise in a new interview. 

Since 2019, Drag Race enthusiasts have immersed themselves in the hilarious and sickening UK-based series. 

Like its US predecessor, the show has featured an array of unforgettable contestants who have gone down in Drag Race herstory for their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.

One of the most prolific queens to grace the coveted UK runway is season two star Ginny Lemon.

Throughout their time on the show, the Worcestershire-born entertainer won over viewers with their lovable personality and emotional gender identity journey.

But during the season’s fourth episode, the beloved queen left viewers utterly gobsmacked when they walked off the stage, during a lip-sync, and didn’t return. 

“The reason I did it is because I had to stick with my integrity. I went onto that show to fuck it up, break the binary and be punk,” they explained in a 2021 interview with GAY TIMES.

Shortly after their jaw-dropping exit, the talented queen criticised the show for using them “for a nice little non-binary storyline” after they were excluded from the show’s #AskTheQueensUK Instagram Live event.

In a recent interview with Furbar Radio, Ginny opened up about their bittersweet history with Drag Race and revealed that they have some regrets.

“I have regrets because I didn’t get as much work as some of the other girls because I was too honest blabbing my mouth,” they said. 

“So I suppose if I had just been a bit faker, and played the game a bit more, I’d be a lot more successful, but then I wouldn’t be true to myself. If I’d have shut my mouth a bit more, maybe my bank balance would be a bit better.”

Towards the end of their interview, Ginny said that their anger might have been “misplaced” due to the stress of lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I wish I was in a better situation but because of lockdown and because of how it all went, I think that my anger was slightly misplaced. But also, I was just being honest about my experience,” they continued. 

When asked about their portrayal in the series, Ginny said that they weren’t “done dirty” by the show’s edit, adding: “I think I was just a bit of a miserable bitch.”

Despite their colourful history with Drag Race, Ginny has gone on to cement themselves as one of the franchise’s most popular and celebrated queens.