Xunami Muse has spoken out about her exit from Drag Race season 16, who she should have portrayed in the Snatch Game and whether she is really going on a meet-cute with Plane Jane.

In the latest episode of Drag Race, the nine remaining queens went head-to-head in the staple maxi-challenge to showcase their best celebrity impressions; a game that has historically been notorious for shaking up the ranking of the queens.

The queens, and the stars they impersonated, were as follows: Dawn as Meghan McCian; Mhi’ya Iman LePaige as Trina’s (fake) cousin Shaquita; Morphine Love Dion as Anna Sorokin/Delvey; Nymphia Wind as Jane Goodall; Plane Jane as Jelena Karleuša; Plasma as Patti LuPone; Q as Amelia Earnhart; Sapphira Cristal as James Brown; and Xunami Muse as the Gold Tooth Fairy (again, a fake character).

However, Xunami has now revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she “should’ve gone with something” else: “Looking back, I would’ve definitely done Celia Cruz.

“I wanted to prove something to myself, like, if I go with this random character, it’ll show X, Y, Z. The reality is I should’ve gone with something I’m used to and feel comfortable with.”

She continued: “I would’ve fared better or at least been safe if I’d done a different character. It was a risk I took, it didn’t pay off, but it’s a lesson that I learned. For me, the lesson was go with things that feel natural to you, go with what’s more comfortable.”

Ahead of her appearance on the Emmy Award-winning drag juggernaut, she had “auditioned doing Naomi Campbell or Cardi B.” However, she would leave this portion of the audition last as “it was the hardest.”

Xunami has teased that, had she had gone with Cruz, she would have “turned the accent up” and “done a play on Spanglish.”

Much speculation has swirled around whether there was a ‘thing’ between the New York queen and Plane Jane. Since her departure, Xunami has clarified that “just because I would f**k her doesn’t mean I have a crush on her…. No, that’s my sister!”

Xunami told Out: “I don’t have a crush on Plane. For me, it’s nothing other than when you look at someone and you’re like, ‘Okay, yeah, this person is attractive, I would f**k them.’ It’s really that.”

She said that her fellow “girls love to project. They like to be dramatic. But it’s nothing other than, ‘Yeah, she’s a pretty b*tch,’ you know what I mean? But no, we’re not snuggling or texting each other like, ‘I love you babe.’ No, nothing like that.”

Xunami may not have scored with her Snatch Game, however she did when it comes to her season 16 sisterhood: “I think I made my mark with them, and that’s the thing I’ll cherish the most…. The prize really was with the girls.

“My fans see it. I’ve received so much love online for being who I am.”

On next week’s episode of Drag Race, RuPaul tasks the top eight queens with designing a “neo-goth” runway look.