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Drag Race star Trinity the Tuck updated fans on her gender identity in a new social media post. 

Back in March, Trinity came out as trans non-binary in a heartfelt post to fans. 

“Years ago, after starting drag, I seriously questioned how I identified with my gender,” she wrote on 31 March

“That’s why I altered my body starting at the age of 21 to look more feminine and also started hormone therapy for a short period. 

“I stopped because I personally don’t know that I would be comfortable living as female with the way I’d physically look.”

Trinity then revealed that she identified as “trans-NB” before stating that “everyone has their own journey.”

A few months after her emotional coming-out announcement, Trinity took to Twitter to share an update with fans regarding her ongoing journey as a trans non-binary individual.

“Someone reached out to me recently to find out about my transitional journey. I just wanna make sure people are aware of a few things,” the All Stars 7 queen wrote on 23 June.  

“I do not consider myself a trans woman. I feel trans. My actual gender isn’t labelled as I’m very conflicted by a lot of things and how I feel… there’s no guideline for how a trans person should look.” 

Trinity went on to say that she doesn’t know if she would be “comfortable fully transitioning” at her age. 

“This is my own feelings and everyone has their own journey! I by no means am saying my age is too late to transition,” she continued.

“I think everyone has to do what they are comfortable with. I already have more work done than a lot of trans people and that’s one issue I’m having as far as not sure on more physical work. 

“Just know this is a slow process for me. But overall I am healthy and happy.”

Shortly after uploading her post, fans took to Twitter to shower the beloved queen with praise and support.

One user wrote: “Thank you for being so open about this. I feel similar although it’s not due to age it’s just due to the fact that I just frankly don’t want to transition. It’s hard to explain but your message made me feel more understood so thank you!”

Another fan tweeted: “Your journey is amazing and I love you, Trinity. And no need for labels, that’s the very reason why people are and do identify as unknown yet. The journey of life is an everyday always changing thing. So I’m proud of you living your truth.”

Trinity also received praise from fellow Drag Race star Jiggly Caliente.

“First u don’t owe anyone a fckin explanation on how your transition is going. There’s no guidelines n protocol on being trans,” Jiggly tweeted. 

You can watch Trinity the Tuck compete on the first ever all-winners season of RuPaul’s Drag Race here.