Former Drag Race Pit Crew member Wilson Lai has spilt the tea on his absence from the show.

Since its debut in 2009, the beloved franchise has ruled the pop culture sphere with its incredible drag talent, sickening runways and hilarious maxi-challenges.

Over the course of 15 years, Drag Race has produced 16 mainstay seasons, numerous spinoffs – including All Stars and Secret Celebrity Drag Race – and various international iterations.

While the show has garnered a dedicated audience for its talented batch of queens, Drag Race has also made waves for its dreamy Pit Crew members, which have featured models Bruno Alcantara, Bryce Eilenberg and Laith Ashley, to name a few.

Sporting either speedo underwear or boxer briefs, the handsome group of men are tasked with helping Mama Ru and company with mini and maxi-challenges.

One Pit Crew member who has made a lasting impact on viewers is Wilson Lai. Making his debut in Drag Race All Stars 4, the handsome talent captivated viewers across several episodes with his stunning good looks, broody demeanour and impressive physique.

However, despite gaining acclaim from longtime Drag Race fans, Lai has yet to step back into his Pit Crew attire since season 11.

On 8 February, X, formerly known as Twitter, user GreenGayYT brought attention to the fitness influencer’s absence, writing: “I just wanna know why they haven’t brought him back yet, and when we can expect to see him.”

Fortunately, Lai wasted no time responding to the inquiry, revealing in GreenGayYT’s mentions that he was never an official Drag Race Pit Crew member.

“Ok what you guys need to understand is that I was never part of their core pit crew group. I was never offered a contract I was never suggested or hinted that I would be part of their main group,” he explained.

“They only ever contacted me when they needed to cast a lot of people for a specific mini-challenge or for whatever the show required that needed more bodies.”

Elsewhere in his lengthy statement, Lai speculated that the show might not have the biggest budget for “excess Pit Crew members” due to the money going elsewhere, like celebrity guest judges.

When discussing his Drag Race experience and whether he would be open to coming back, Lai said he wasn’t against it but wasn’t particularly eager to return.

“Initially, it was a dream come true just to be a part of the show, but the attention I got from it, from Drag Race fans, was very overwhelming and not necessarily in a good way,” he added.

“To add context, the seasons I was on the show the Drag Race community was at its highest in terms of toxic behaviour. I remember multiple times some friends would get harrassed and stalked just based on their proximity to me.

“I would see comments on the internet of people just trashing my boyfriend, and he would see it and get hurt… plus, too, the pay rate to be on the show isn’t worth the time and effort it would take for me to make it work on my schedule.”

While Lai’s time with Drag Race was short, he has since cultivated a strong presence and following on social media, specifically in the fitness sector.

Read his full statement here or below.