The highly anticipated Fame Games Variety Extravaganza has finally arrived.

On the penultimate episode of Drag Race All Stars 8, Ru surprised the final two queens – Jimbo and Kandy Muse – by bringing back the eliminated contestants.

“Now, you’re probably wondering why I invited you back just one week before the grand finale,” Ru teased.

“Well, you’re here to decide once and for all whether Kandy Muse or Jimbo makes it into the Drag Race Hall of Fame.”

However, before Jimbo and Kandy could properly freak out, Ru revealed that she was only kidding.

“Mama Ru, you little prankster, little trickster. I love when you play tricks,” Jimbo said in a confessional.

Before getting into the real reason behind the eliminated queens’ return, Ru tasked the girls with delivering their shadiest reads for the Library mini challenge.

After Mrs Kasha Davis secured the win and $2,500 tip, Ru spilt the tea on their final maxi-challenge.

“Ladykins, now, I didn’t bring back the eliminated queens just so you can read each other. I invited you back so you could show off your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent one more time,” Ru explained.

“As you know, there are two ways to win this season. And this week, we are focusing exclusively on the Fame Games.

“For this week’s maxi challenge, you need to wow us in the Fame Games Variety Extravaganza.”

Ru then tasked each of the queens to bring forth original and sickening solo performances that show off their “All Stars talents.”

“And after this week’s episode, the official fan voting will be open… This is your last chance to impress the fans before they cast their votes for queen of the Fame Games,” Ru added.

Since this week’s challenge revolved around the Fame Games, Ru informed Jimbo and Kandy that they would be hosting the event.

With their final performances looming, the eliminated queens unpacked their bags and got down to work.

After letting the girls settle in, Ru returned to the workroom to get the inside scoop on their talent and dish out the new “Fame Game” rules.

“Based on your Variety Extravaganza performances, I will choose the top two All-Stars of the week. They will lip-sync against each other for a chance to dramatically increase their total Fame Game fan votes,” Ru revealed.

“With the spin of a wheel, the winner of the lip-sync will multiply her votes times two, times three, or if she’s really lucky, times five. So it could be anybody’s game.”

Before the queens headed to the main stage, Alexis Michelle apologised to LaLa Ri for eliminating her in episode eight.

“After a couple of nights sleep after getting eliminated, it all became clear to me and I am so sorry. That’s something I’m gonna have to live with, and I’m really sorry,” Alexis said.

In response, LaLa expressed her appreciation for the apology before admitting that Alexis’ decision did upset her at the time.

“But chile, life goes on. It’s a competition at the end of the day. You looking out for yourself. You want to win. I get that. But bitch, I was upset,” she added.

With the hatchet officially buried, the queens made their way to the Fame Games Variety Extravaganza, which started with Monica and her sleek performance of her original house track.

Naysha Lopez then hit the stage with a flamenco dance performance to Jennifer Lopez’ iconic song Aint It Funny.

For the third act, Mrs Kasha performed an inspiring original song that tackled global warming, anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and racial injustices.

Darienne Lake changed the music-led pace of the show when she performed a stand-up routine with a body-positive message.

Jaymes Mansfield channelled Old Hollywood for her hilarious performance about her breasts.

For the fourth to last act, Kahanna Montrse brought the world of Bring It On to the mainstage with a cheerleading-inspired performance that featured her doing a back tuck.

LaLa followed up Kahanna’s outing with a dynamic performance of her original song that was full of choreography, comedy and her glamorous wig blowing in the wind.

Like Jaymes, Alexis’ performance took a page out of the golden age of musical theater. However unlike her competitors, the New York-based queen sang her original track live.

For the last act of the night, Jessica Wild wowed the judges with a sexy dance-pop song and performance that ended confetti and high-energy dance break.

Following their Fame Games Variety Extravaganza performances, the eliminated queens were given critiques by the judges’ panel, which featured Saturday Night Live star Ego Nwodim as guest judge.

While each of the queens were praised for their performances and talent, Ru selected LaLa and Jaymes as the top two All Stars of the week.

To the beat of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s Rain on Me, the two queens delivered a hilarious, sexy and fun lip-sync performance for their legacy and boost of Fame Games votes.

In the end, Ru selected Jaymes AND LaLa as the winner of the lip-sync, resulting in the former’s total fan votes being multiplied by two and the latter’s by three.

Here’s how fans reacted to the Fame Games Variety Extravaganza: