Influencer Wendy Guevara has made history as the first openly trans woman to win a Mexican reality TV series.

Wendy was a contestant on the inaugural season of La casa de los famosos México, the Mexican adaptation of Celebrity Big Brother.

With over 18.2 million votes, she was selected as the show’s winner on 13 August – beating out Peruvian TV star Nicola Porcella.

She shared a clip of the moment she won to her Instagram page.

Guevara skyrocketed to internet fame after a 2017 viral video, in which she is lost on a hill with her friend.

The pair were labelled ‘Las Perdidas’, as fans were amused by their hilarious reaction to their dangerous situation.

She has amassed an enormous online following since, with over six million on Instagram.

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Fans expressed their support for Guevara on social media.

Tomás Mier, pop and Latin music writer for Rolling Stone, tweeted: “ALL of Mexico is celebrating. It’s as if el America won the championship up in here at El Ángel.”

“She is the soul, love, and heart of Mexico right now and I am so hopeful for the future,” another fan tweeted.