Netflix has dropped the first trailer for The Ultimatum: Queer Love, and it’s packed full of drama.

Back in March 2022, the streamer surprised LGBTQ+ subscribers when they announced that a queer-led spin-off of The Ultimatum was headed to the platform.

Over the last year, details regarding the inclusive series have been kept under wraps.

However on 3 May, Netflix finally dropped the explosive first trailer of the LGBTQ+ inclusive series.

At the start of the teaser, actress and host JoAnna Garcia Swisher welcomes the new batch of couples before breaking down the experiment’s rules.

“Everyone is here for the same reason. Someone in your relationship has issued an ultimatum,” the Once Upon a Time star explains.

“You’ll choose someone and move in together in a trial marriage, and then you’ll do the same thing all over again with the person you arrived with.

“And whether you leave here engaged, single or newly in love, each of you will decide what your future holds.”

The starting couples are as follows: Lexi, who gave an ultimatum to Rae, Mildred who issued an ultimatum to Tiff, Sam, who gave an ultimatum to Aussie, Yoly, who issued an ultimatum to Mal and Xander, who delivered an ultimatum to Vanessa.

Throughout the rest of the trailer, each couple is shown navigating their relationship problems while exploring new romantic connections with their temporary spouses.

“I have no idea if I want another relationship or just a hookup,” Vanessa says while walking into a bedroom with Lexi.

In another scene, Mildred confesses to their partner Tiff that she’s having difficulty seeing a future with them.

Yoly confronts Mal over “the very real possibility” of IVF. “Are you saving for it?” she says in between tears.

Another cast member expresses uncertainty over their original relationship, stating: “Now I know what a good marriage looks like for me. Does the marriage with the person I came with look like that too? It’s overwhelming.”

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long for the premiere of The Ultimatum: Queer Love – which is set to drop its first four episodes on 24 May.

Watch the full trailer here or below.