School is in session, OFFICIALLY.

The Illustrious Blacks have delivered one of the most unapologetically queer anthems of the year.

Last week, the dynamic married duo (Manchildblack x Monstah Black) released their brand new EP, Technegrocolor, to commemorate the start of Pride Month and to celebrate the beauty of the Black LGBTQ+ community.

The collection is filled with love anthems and politically-charged dancefloor bangers, the latter of which is most evident on Step Back, an infectious and unapologetic tribute to the Black and queer pioneers of the Stonewall Riots in 1969.

“School is in session pull up a seat, about to read u from A to Z,” the duo proclaim on the blistering track. “The cult of masculinity won’t enslave me, your toxic masculinity can’t contain me. My androgyny shatters possibilities.”

Speaking to GAY TIMES, The Illustrious Blacks said: “Step Back is the literal verbal response we wish we had given to our bullies growing up. Both of us were relentlessly teased, mocked and occasionally physically attacked during our childhoods.

“We wanted to craft a song that young people who are dealing with ridicule due to homophobia can be empowered by. Our producer, Andrew Raposo, helped us compose a sound that is both menacing and infectious to match the audacious lyrics.”

On paying tribute to Stonewall, the duo added: “Stonewall was not only the beginning of a change in public consciousness, but also an event that seemed to change how LGBTQ people began to view themselves at the time.

“Because of the bravery of Marsha P. Johnson, Storme Delarverie and so many others, those of us who are living during this time owe them all a huge debt of gratitude. It was great to see that Pride 2020 felt as though we are continuing their legacy.”

Step Back is one of five incredible songs included on Technegrocolor, which is now available on iTunes and streaming services. You can listen to the full EP here on Apple Music or below.