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C’mon nightlife 2021, let’s get… back up and running?! Although the nightclub sphere has been thrown into chaos due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s still £129.48 for a single vodka and coke in London, it’s important to have – in the words of Drag Race UK star and renowned fact-checker Bimini Bon Boulash – a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). The legendary cis-tem offender and gender-bender took a pause from all of her jaw-droppingly stun photoshoots (this TimeOut one is still slaying our souls) to chat with GAY TIMES about the best queer bars and clubs you should visit right now in East London. She is their “bendiest bitch”, after all, so is there anyone more qualified for this task?

The Glory


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Location: 281 Kingsland Road

Bimini’s first choice is The Glory, located at 281 Kingsland Road, an East End pub and LGBTQ+ performance venue with a basement disco at weekends and shows throughout the week. The star says The Glory is where she was “first born on stage” in 2017, and is a “hub for alternative performances, styles of drag and are very welcoming of everybody and anyone”. Owned by London drag entertainers Jonny Woo and John Sizzle, as well as Colin Rothbart, the website for The Glory also describes the venue as “East London’s famous gay bar” and “drag hothouse” whose regulars are “like family”. Bimini adds: “It’s an all-round incredible vibe there, and it’s all over the place. It’s for everyone.”

You can visit their website here.

Dalston Superstore

Location: 117 Kingsland High St

Described as “East London’s premiere queer pleasure palace”, Dalston Superstore has hosted performances from iconic LGBTQ+ club talent such as Honey Dijon, The Blessed Madonna and the late Andrew Weatherall. Bimini says the venue is “another place that has been so welcoming of the community” and is “East London through and through”. Dalston Superstore is known for its legendary drag brunches – so if you fancy watching a drag entertainer flip, split and kick besides your burger and fries, add this one to your list. “Dalston Superstore can go from disco to house to club, depending on the DJ and the night,” says Bimini. “Every night, there’s something different. It’s so much fun!”

You can visit their website here.

Karaoke Hole


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Location: 95 Kingsland High St

“Also known as the K Hole!” jokes Bimini. “If you wanna go there for the huns, get absolutely slashed, have fun on the mic and pretend you’re Whitney Houston, this is the place to go.” Karaoke Hole, Dalston Superstore’s “cheeky little sister”, is open every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm and is hidden a few doors beneath Voodoo Ray’s. Some of East London’s finest queer talent unleash their vocals on stage as they belt iconic pop anthems and drag up your mothertucking life. Bimini tells us: “You’re gonna see all types of drag; drag kings, drag queens, drag things, drag creatures, creatures of the night, gender non-conformers – Princess Julia, she’ll be there.”

You can visit their website here.



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Location: 234 Cambridge Heath Rd

Harpies takes place weekly at Metropolis, 234 Cambridge Heath Rd. The club night follows the structure of a Las Vegas strip club, turning the venue into a party destination where guests can watch choreographed live shows, pay for private dances or enjoy London’s best DJs on the other floors. To ensure an inclusive environment, the club feature dancers of all genders and sexualities. Bimini says it boasts “trans, non-binary and all different performers and bodies that dance” and “house-y, sexy songs”. She continues: “Keep an eye out for Harpies! Everyone and everyone is welcome.”

Sink the Pink

Location: Everywhere, honey!

As the winner of Sink the Pink 2019, Bimini “owes” the acclaimed club night with their phenomenal career trajectory and says they gave them  “a lot of confidence and a platform to perform. Sink the Pink, always and forever.” Founded in 2008, Sink the Pink is the largest LGBTQ+ collective and club night in the UK, and reportedly came to fruition as a response to “too many bland and non-inclusive nights out”. It features a diverse array of LGBTQ+ entertainers with parties, performances and immersive productions, and has collaborated with global superstars such as P!nk, Little Mix, Melanie C and Years & Years.

You can visit their website here.