The Aces are starting off Mental Health Awareness Month strong with their brand new single, Don’t Freak. 

Backed by a dance-pop sound, the new record explores the damaging stigmas surrounding mental health.

The track starts with a mesmerizing guitar riff that immediately sets an energetic tone. As the song progresses, lead singer Cristal Ramirez begins to deliver powerful lyrics and show-stopping vocals that will leave music listeners in awe.

Don’t Freak is a song that beautifully navigates the struggles of having anxiety while also instilling a sense of hope.

Ramirez opened up about the inspiration behind the new track in a statement.

“I’ve struggled with severe anxiety for my entire life, and this year started having intense panic attacks. When you struggle with your mental health, you start to realize very quickly just how little space is held for you in society,” Ramirez said.

“You quickly feel like a burden to those around you and end up thinking, ‘why can’t I just get my shit together’ constantly. In a time where all you need is patience and understanding, you’re made to feel alienated and inadequate, which in turn makes your mental state so much worse.

“That’s how ‘Don’t Freak’ came to life. We wanted to put this very real story into our music. Mental health issues are something everyone goes through, and not only do we need to be talking more about it, but we need to be holding space for it.”

The Aces are showing no signs of slowing down, and are set to appear in the forthcoming episode of the TV series Exposure. The fierce foursome will be giving a special performance of Don’t Freak and their hit single Daydream.

Listen to Don’t Freak here and watch The Aces’ release party for the single below.