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To date, the number of LGBTQ+ athletes participating in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be twice as many that competed in the 2016 games — making this year’s Games an incredible step forward for queer athletes and sporting visibility.

Team GB has nine openly LGBTQ+ athletes competing for a medal at this year’s event, including Olympic medalist Emma Wiggs, Lauren Rowels, Robyn Love, and Lucy Shuker. The Team GB women’s wheelchair basketball has four openly LGBTQ+ players too.

The United States and Great Britain are sharing the lead with the name number of open LGBTQ+ athletes who will appear at the 2020 Games. Each team features eight athletes. The US team includes openly LGBTQ+ athletes Monica Sereda, Hailey Danz, Asya Miller, and Terry Hayes.

With the grand sporting event taking centre stage, we’ve taken the time to put together a guide featuring nearly 30 LGBTQ+ athletes who will be starring in the 2020 Paralympic Games. While all the athletes we have included are out, not all of them have opted to publicly label themselves, so we have only included information that feels relevant to each sportsperson’s achievements and LGBTQ+ identity.

As a whole, this list has been curated to highlight and platform the courageous sportspeople joining the Olympics. However, this list is not exclusive and there are likely LGBTQ+ athletes that have chosen not to publicly disclose their identity out of preference, safety, or personal choice. These athletes are equally respected and supported for their achievements.

Below is the full list of the historic number of LGBTQ+ athletes competing in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Robyn Lambird – Track & Field, 100m

Maria “Maz” Strong – Seated Shot Put


Alana Maldonado – Judo

Debora Menezes – Taekwondo

Edênia Garcia – Swimming

Josiane Lima – Rowing

Mari Gesteira – Swimming

Tuany Barbosa Track and Field


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Tara Llanes – Wheelchair Basketball

Cindy Ouelett – Wheelchair Basketball

Kate O’Brien – Cycling


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Babsi Gross – Wheelchair Basketball

Mareike Miller – Wheelchair Basketball

Great Britain
Emma Wiggs – Canoeing

Crystal Lane-Wright – Cycling

Lee Pearson – Equestrian

Lauren Rowles – Rowing

Jude Hamer – Wheelchair Basketball

Robyn Love – Wheelchair Basketball

Lucy Robinson – Wheelchair Basketball

Laurie Williams – Wheelchair Basketball

Lucy Shuker – Wheelchair Tennis


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Katie Dunlevy – Cycling

Moran Samuel – Rowing

Brenda Osnaya – Triathlon

Bo Kramer – Wheelchair Basketball


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Querijn Hensen – Swimming

United States

Asya Miller – Goalball

Courtney Ryan – Wheelchair Basketball

Hailey Danz – Triathlon

Hallie Smith – Rowing

Kaitlyn Eaton – Wheelchair Basketball

Laura Goodkind – Rowing

Monique Matthews – Sitting Volleyball

Monica Sereda – Cyclist

Terry Hayes – Wheelchair Fencing