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Jena Malone has come out as pansexual in a heartwarming statement.

On 20 August, the Sucker Punch actress took to social media to reveal the news alongside a heartfelt video of her dancing.

“I guess it felt like I was a heterosexual man in a woman’s body. I visualized his desires and placed them on to me. But this, was never the whole of the story that was meant for me,” she wrote in the caption.

“So I’ve been learning a new way to tell it. Using words to guide me not define me. That my sexual identity has more to teach and to tell me. Finding words that feel more right to explore in my telling. Pansexuality. Sapiosexuality. Polyamory.”

At the end of her post, Malone revealed that she initially wanted to come out on Pansexual Awareness Day – which was on 26 May – but unfortunately missed it.

“I’m a mom and I’m always a few months late for everything,” she added.

Shortly after uploading her heartfelt announcement, fans were quick to inundate the comment section with praises and congratulatory messages.

One person wrote: “Thanks for sharing. You’ve always been an amazing person. Everyone should never stop learning about themselves.”

Even her sibling Mads Malone  – who uses they/them pronouns – commented on the post, writing: “So proud of you. Looks like we’re a whole family of queers, huh?”


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On 24 August, Malone gave further insight into her coming out journey in a follow-up interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“The sexual journey is so beautiful. I mean, all of the identity journeys are so cool. I feel like I’m a little bit late to the game in being able to have less shame,” she explained.

“I’ve been loving the process of learning more about myself and others through different terms that open windows, those windows then turn into doors, and then I arrive at a place to find all this cool stuff out there.”

The Stepmom star then said that she enjoyed celebrating her identity before describing it as a “really sweet, human experience.”

“I love getting to learn more about myself no matter the age or my experience,” she continued.

Towards the end of her interview, Malone opened up about her family’s reaction and revealed that everyone has been incredibly supportive of her journey.

“I have a really supportive family and they’ve been that way for whatever, however, or whoever I am or what I bring to the table. It’s all exciting and wonderful and perfectly great,” she said.

“But yeah, my sister is queer, and I grew up with two moms who were lovers, and then they split. My mom sort of became hetero again, mostly through an understanding of Christianity.

“And then my god mom married her partner of 17 years now. So I have three moms and a dad who has been a hetero man all his life. I have the whole spectrum… I feel really blessed to have an accepting family.”

Welcome to the LGBTQ+  family Jena Malone.