Raja has broken her silence on the unaired drama with Michelle Visage on Drag Race All Stars 7.

Last year, Trinity the Tuck revealed an unaired exchange between Raja and Michelle. At an event where Trinity was taking questions from the audience, one individual asks the star about a rumoured moment on the main stage where Raja and the judge came into conflict over one of her runway looks.

Although Trinity did not confirm which look Michelle’s critique pertained to, she divulged: “Raja looked dead at Michelle and said, ‘Who are you to judge me? You have no credentials other than being the host’s best friend.’

“Then when we got offstage, backstage in the werkroom, the cameras were cut and she told all the producers, ‘She should be fired!’ I don’t know if I agree or not, that’s what she said. So, we’re spilling tea right here.”

Now, Raja has had her say and confirmed suspicions (well, sort of) in a conversation with Jonny McGovern in an episode of Look at Huh! The answer: “Some of it is true. It is highly embellished, which is what drag is.”

“There was a moment where Michelle and I had a conversation much longer than judging should go on,” Raja said, before continuing: “Let me preface this saying that Michelle and I are friends, in fact she was a very crucial person when my mother passed away. I texted her because I had just come home from Drag Race.

“That autumn my mother passed away and she was one of the first people I texted because while at Drag Race her, Ru and I during our tic-tac conversation got very personal about our relationships, families and our parents in particular.”

The LA-based queen clarified speculation, stating: “C’mon we’re both adults. Here’s the thing: Michelle and I are probably a year apart, so to hear any kind of judgement from someone that’s my peer.

“I did her make up and styled her for the cover of her first book. It was no shade, it was like ‘Come on girl’”.

Contrary to the initial version of events, the explosive moment in fact “caused ruckus in the room” where “RuPaul was pissing herself” and “Michelle found it funny.”

Raja closed up the discussion and said: “The back and forth between us was all in good fun, but I kind of had a too much RedBull moment where I did get pissed off at her and maybe … I can be dramatic sometimes.”

Watch Raja spill all the tea on Look At Huh! below.