Rina Sawayama is about to save pop music (again) with her second studio album.

Over Twitter, the singer-songwriter revealed that she’s back in the studio with Clarence Clarity, the executive producer behind her critically-acclaimed debut, and said the album will “cover all musical bases”.

Rina also paid tribute to her self-titled debut for its one-year anniversary, saying it “literally changed” her life. She also recalled how she felt “scared and insecure” during the writing process, as she considered herself an “outsider to the pop world”.

“This was an album that was written with a tiny team, on a tiny budget, and at one point before it finally got signed I was about to run out of money cos I was funding every single thing,” she wrote.

“But I carried on filling the tracklist with songs that I knew I would connect with every time I performed it, and hoped would connect with u.” 

Rina then praised members of her team, including Clarence and PRs such as House of Us and Tom Mehrtens, as well as her fans – who she nicknamed her “pixels” – for supporting her artistry over the past year.

Rina’s debut received widespread critical acclaim upon release for its blend of 00’s-inspired R&B, rock, nu-mental, dance-pop and experimental pop, and for delving into topics such as queer love, friendship, and identity.

The album features singles such as STFU!, Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys), XS, Bad Friend, Lucid and Chosen Family, the latter of which recently received a stunning remix with Elton John.

You can listen to Chosen Family (with Elton John) now on Apple Music, and watch the official performance video below.