Red, White & Royal Blue fans are breathing a sigh of relief today (as well as sobbing, screaming and throwing up), because a sequel has finally – we repeat, finally! – been confirmed.

During a special screening of the acclaimed Prime Video rom-com in Culver City, Calif – attended by stars Nicholas Galitzine, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Uma Thurman, Sarah Shahi, Clifton Collins Jr. and Rachel Hilson, and director Matthew Lopez – a follow-up was officially confirmed to a rapturous response from the crowd.

Galitzine and Perez will return to their iconic roles as Prince Henry and Alex Claremont-Diaz, with Lopez once again taking the reigns as director. He will co-write the script with Casey McQuiston, the author of the beloved novel.

Prime Video released a teaser poster to commemorate the news. A picture of a cake, referencing Henry and Alex’s global scandal in the original, can be seen with decorations of a British and American flag, as well as a number “2” candle.

Plot details are currently scarce, and it’s not known whether additional stars such as Thurman, Collins Jr., Shahi, Hilson, Stephen Fry or Ellie Bamber, will return, but… it! is! happening! A sequel is coming! Finally!

As expected, the news had a wild reaction from fans on social media. One summed up all our thoughts and emotions as they wrote: “Can’t stop screaming tbh.. totally fine and breathing normally here!”

Another said: “I had so many months to prepare for this moment but I don’t have the words at all.”

Check out the best responses below.

In just under a year, Prince Henry and Alex have already been hailed as two of the most iconic LGBTQIA+ characters in history.

Based on McQuiston’s championed novel of the same name, the Prime Video rom-com follows the blossoming romance between a British prince (Galitzine) and the son (Zakhar-Perez) of America’s first-ever female president (Thurman).

For its faithfulness to the source material and the aforementioned chemistry between the two leads, Red, White & Royal Blue received universal praise from longtime fans and newcomers.

When GAY TIMES originally spoke to Lopez about the possibility of a sequel, he said “everyone in the hair and makeup department” for the film pitched their ideas for a follow-up, from “Red, White & Royal Wedding” to “Red, White & Royal Baby”: “I was like, ‘Can we just get through today first, please?’”

Lopez additionally told Teen Vogue that he would do a sequel “if we have the right story”. “There has to be a better reason than simply the desire to make one, there has to be a compelling story reason,” he explained. “I don’t think a sequel is a bad idea, but I don’t think a sequel for the sake of doing a sequel is necessarily sufficient.”

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