Orville Peck has revealed the Hollywood icon that he finds “beautiful” and is willing to “risk it all” for “one night of bliss”.

On 15 February, Grindr dropped the first episode of their new podcast titled Who’s the A**hole, hosted by RuPaul Drag Race icon Katya Zamolodchikova.

The first episode sees the All Stars 2 runner-up in conversation with the masked country musician in what is described as “the high notes and low blows of airport breakups”: “Grab your tissues and cowboy boots, y’all—it’s a tearjerker with twang.”

Peck revealed that he was “really starstruck” by one legendary star in particular when he crossed paths with him at a friend’s birthday party in LA: The star in question – drum roll please – Brad Pitt.

Peck was waiting in line for the bathroom when the Fight Club actor exited ahead of him.

“You know how, [for] our generation, [Pitt] was like the ‘marker’ for handsome? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: that was the description for someone handsome,” he said. “But when you see this man, I’m not joking, I just want him to hold me. He’s like glowing and emanating.”


Peck reminisced:: “You know how he’s super-chill, ‘Stoner Dad’ vibes? And he’s wearing this little funny bucket hat and he’s dressed all cute. He looks so cute. So he comes out of the bathroom and he’s holding the door… I’d met him very briefly before, but I was like, ‘Oh, hi again!’

“And he goes, ‘Hey.’ And I went, ‘Do you know where the bathroom is?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, you’re in line for it, it’s right here.’ And I go, ‘Oh my god of course! Ha-ha, stupid me!’ Just like full rom-com. It was like She’s All That.”

The star concluded: “He’s beautiful, and I would risk it all to have one night of bliss with him.”
Katya raised the stakes by sharing: “I’m not afraid of saying that I would suck the sh*t right out of his f*cking assh*le.”

According to Grindr’s announcement, Katya will “dissect your worst (or maybe best?) impulses” with the podcast to facilitate the “messiest, juiciest stories of sex and dating we could get our grubby paws on.”

The Who’s the A**hole podcast has a total of five episodes. Up next is Jordan Firstman, Trace Lysette, Saucy Santana and Jack Harrison-Quintana.

Watch the first episode of Who’s the A**hole below.