Omar Apollo [Twitter]

Queer singer-songwriter Omar Apollo swiftly and humourously took down an accusation of queerbaiting on Twitter.

The 25-year-old replied “no i b sucking d**k fr” to a fan who questioned whether he was gay.

“is omar apollo another queerbaiting singer? like those type ‘i don’t label myself let me wear cropped and paint my nails and i say i find another guy hot’ cuz i like his song but i don’t like supporting straight men doing queerbating [sic],” the original tweet read.

‘Queerbaiting’ is when a star suggests they might be LGBTQ+ to attract more publicity and an LGBTQ+ fanbase.

Another fan tweeted asking, “are you in your bi era?”

Omar replied: “dont do det”, making clear he didn’t want fans speculating over his identity.

The star rose to prominence releasing LGBTQ+ love songs that draw on influences from his Mexican heritage.

He discussed his sexuality in an interview with NPR, saying, “I feel like in the beginning, I was trying to be mysterious and stuff, but now I’m just like — I’m very gay, so I’m just like, whatever.

“But no, I’m totally about it. Maybe I was trying to keep the mystique, you understand? But I don’t even care anymore,” he continued.

The singer’s debut album, ‘Ivory’, was released in April 2022 to compliments on his range and versatility.