Oh my god! Oh my god you guys, an all LGBTQ+ version of Legally Blonde is officially on the way.

To kick off Pride Month, NewFest and the #MakeItGay series will be hosting an all-queer Legally Blonde table read.

The event comes just in time for the film’s 20th anniversary.

MacGyver actress Alexandra Grey will be stepping into the role of everyone’s favourite blonde, Elle Woods.

The ensemble cast will be full of trans and queer talent, that includes Emmy-nominee Rain Valdez as Vivian Kensington, Nashville actress Jen Richards as Warner Huntington III, Signature Moves star Fawiza Mirza as Emmett, Matilda star Mara Wilson as both Enid and Professor Callahan and podcaster Symphony Sanders as Brooke Taylor Windham.

Kiwi Smith, who was the co-creator of the iconic movie, will also be featured in the reading as the character Chutney.

NewFest will be making the live stream available for free and will give viewers the option to donate. Proceeds from the event will be going to the NewFest Future Fund, which is used towards helping LGBTQ+ youth, resources, screening programs and filmmaker resources.

During last year’s festival, #MakeItGay hosted a live table read of the legendary LGBTQ+ film Brokeback Mountain. The performance starred Leo Shang from The L Word: Generation Q, Jen Richards and Alexandra Grey.

The live read series has also hosted an all-black and LGBTQ+ retelling of The Breakfast Club and a queer reading of the cult classic film, Clue.

The NewFest Pride virtual summer film event takes place from 4 June to 7 June. Tickets are available to purchase on the NewFest website.

Check out the trailer for NewFest Pride below.