The students of Hartley High will return for a third and final round at Netflix.

According to the streamer, the next season of Heartbreak High will be its last.

A soft-reboot of the trailblazing 1994 series of the same name, Heartbreak High made its debut in 2022 before embarking on a short hiatus, returning for its long-awaited second season in April 2024.

Following the students of Hartley High as they navigate various issues surrounding sexuality, identity, race, consent and assault, the Australian teen drama has been lauded for its authentic LGBTQIA+ representation.

The series stars Ayesha Madon as Amerie Wadia, James Majoos as Darren Rivers, Chloé Hayden as Quinni Gallagher-Jones, Asher Yasbincek as Harper McLean, Thomas Weatherall as Malakai Mitchell and Will McDonald as Ca$h Piggott.

More Australasian star power incoming: Joshua Heuston as Dusty Reid, Gemma Chua-Tran as Sasha So, Bryn Chapman-Parish as Spider White, Sherry-Lee Watson as Missy Beckett, Brodie Townsend as Ant Vaughn, Chika Ikogwe as Jojo Obah, Scott Major as Peter Rivers, Rachel House as Stacy Woods, Sam Rechner as Rowan Callaghan, Kartanya Maynard as Zoe Clarke and Angus Sampson as Timothy Voss.

An unprecedented success for Netflix, Heartbreak High has amassed over two billion views on TikTok, while the second season charted in the Netflix top 10 in over 53 countries.

Season three will “see the talented cast and creators reassemble in Sydney (Gadigal, Dharug, Dharawal and Ku-ring-gai lands), Australia for the final year at Hartley High”.

Que Minh Luu, Netflix Director of Content ANZ, said in a statement: “Renewing Heartbreak High for its final season is a major point of pride for us at Netflix.

“It has been a joy to work with the utterly cooked creative minds behind our favourite Aussie YA show and to bring our stories, our culture and our in-jokes to all the fans here at home and throughout the world. See you at muck up day.”

Referencing the final episode of season two, in which Malakai (Weatherall) wrote a heartfelt letter to Amerie (Madon) and left it in her locker (which was subsequently burnt from the school fire), Luu added: “She never got the letter – but now we get to see what happens next!”

Carly Heaton, Fremantle Head of Scripted, added: “We are beyond excited to all come together again as we love existing in the craziness of Hartley High.

“We aimed to create a show where Aussie young people are seen and heard and we are completely overwhelmed by the worldwide reaction to the stories of these characters. All of us who work on the series are grateful to have the opportunity to see what kind of mess evolves in season three.”

GAY TIMES recently spoke with stars Majoos and McDonald, who respectively play power couple Darren Rivers and Douglas “Ca$h” Pigott, about their hopes for season three.

“[Their romance is] pretty tumultuous sometimes, and there was even some more stuff that got deleted, where we were fighting even more and having blow-ups in the middle of the school library,” said McDonald.

“If they could get to a place where they’re stable and found their rhythm a bit more, that would be really good because I think they are endgame. I hope they are, and I think they deserve that.”

McDonald is keen to see Ca$h “discover his identity” and form a “closer relationship” with the students at Hartley High, “rather than the eshay group outside of the school”.

“I don’t know, maybe Ca$h could get a massive makeover if we get a third season?” he continued. “He could have a new haircut, new clothes, new everything. It could be a whole new day for Ca$h!”

As for Darren, Majoos wants their character to “get a hobby” and think about their post-Hartley career: “I would love to know what Darren’s hobbies are what an extra-curricular realm looks like for them. I hope there’s some sort of joy for Darren this season.”

The first two seasons of Heartbreak High are streaming worldwide on Netflix.

You can watch our full interview with James Majoos and Will McDonald here or below.