Spoilers ahead for Heartbreak High season 2.

James Majoos and Will McDonald are hoping for some “stability” for their beloved Heartbreak High couple in an unconfirmed (hurry up Netflix!) third season.

The stars respectively play Darren Rivers and Douglas “Ca$h” Pigott on the Australian teen drama, which follows the students of Hartley High as they navigate various issues surrounding sexuality, identity, race, consent, assault and – duh – teen angst.

A soft-reboot of the trailblazing 1994 series of the same name, Heartbreak High made its debut in 2022 before embarking on a short hiatus, returning for its long-awaited second season in April 2024.

Season two sees the return of all the beloved Hartley High students as they embark on another turbulent semester, from Amerie (Ayesha Madon) investigating the identity of a mystery stalker to Malakai (Thomas Weatherall) exploring his bisexuality, and Quinni (Chloé Hayden) continuing to navigate the world as a neurotypical person.

It was – in the words of McDonald – a “tumultuous” season for Darren and Ca$h, both as a couple and individually, with the latter completing his jail sentence for his involvement in Harper’s (Asher Yasbincek) sexual assault by Chook (Tom Wilson) and his crew.

Ca$h and Darren also struggle with their difference in sexual appetites as a result of the former’s asexuality, resulting in the former attempting to repress his sexual nature by joining Zoe’s (Kartanya Maynard) abstinent group, ‘The Puriteens’.

With the embarrassing lack of representation for the asexual community on-screen, the storyline was met with universal critical acclaim for its authenticity and McDonald’s performance as Ca$h.

In an interview with GAY TIMES, both McDonald and Majoos expressed desire for their characters to have “a bit of stability” in season three, which is – again – still to be confirmed by Netflix.

“It’s pretty tumultuous sometimes, and there was even some more stuff that got deleted, where we were fighting even more and having blow-ups in the middle of the school library,” says McDonald.

“If they could get to a place where they’re stable and found their rhythm a bit more, that would be really good because I think they are endgame. I hope they are, and I think they deserve that.”

McDonald is keen to see Ca$h “discover his identity” and form a “closer relationship” with the students at Hartley High, “rather than the eshay group outside of the school”.

“I don’t know, maybe Ca$h could get a massive makeover if we get a third season?” he continues. “He could have a new haircut, new clothes, new everything. It could be a whole new day for Ca$h!”

As for Darren, Majoos wants their character to “get a hobby” and think about their post-Hartley career: “I would love to know what Darren’s hobbies are what an extra-curricular realm looks like for them. I hope there’s some sort of joy for Darren this season.”

Majoos adds: “I mean, if we get a next season!”

Heartbreak High is now streaming worldwide on Netflix.

You can watch our full interview with James Majoos and Will McDonald here or below, where they also discuss the impact of their characters on the non-binary and asexual communities and their love for Darren and Ca$h.