Mistress Isabelle Brooks has responded to RuPaul’s Drag Race fans accusing her of “coming for” Loosey LaDuca in the latest episode.

The drag performer has been facing backlash from some viewers for encouraging Salina EsTitties to “eat” Loosey up during their lip-sync to Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) by Kate Bush.

“Come on Salina, eat her up bitch,” she can be heard shouting to her sister during the performance.

Some fans found the comment to be an example of “bad sportsmanship” from Mistress.

“It’s giving bad sportsmanship truly, I can’t believe y’all are making me defend Loosey like,” one wrote on social media.

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Another said: “I love Mistress so much and prefer her drag but this episode the anti Loosey behavior felt like bullying. I may not know everything that went on but from what they’re showing us I feel bad for Loosey.”

“She’s been saved from the bottom twice now bc of these antics smh I am entertained tho,” a third added.

Others found the moment to be funny and thought Drag Race fans were “reaching” by equating it to “bullying”.

One said: “Rooting for your friend doesn’t equal bullying. Some of y’all’s arms should be tired with how hard you’re reaching.”


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“‘Bully’ this is why we were saying earlier that y’all would not survive Ballroom at all,” someone else tweeted. “Light shade makes yall uncomfortable, and why isn’t Mistress allowed to root for Salina? I mean, look @ the way y’all been tearing her apart for weeks, that’s not bullying?”

Mistress has since taken to Twitter to clarify the moment for fans who thought she was “coming for” Loosey.

“Y’all saying I was coming for Loosey again in this moment, go back and watch Marcia Vs Anetra to Boss Bitch,” she explained.

“I scream to Marcia to eat her up and get Anetra, then a second later say the same to Anetra. Y’all doing too mf much. I’ma always hype the girls up. I want a show.”

After someone responded mentioning that the producers “purposefully” highlighted the moment, Mistress wrote: “As they should. That shit is funny as fuck.”

New episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15, along with Untucked, air weekly and exclusively on the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus, in the UK and internationally on Saturdays at 2:00am.