RuPaul was forced to “put her children together” in the chaotic new episode of Drag Race All Stars 8.

Following the elimination of Jaymes Mansfield, the six remaining contestants – Alexis Michelle, Jessica Wild, Jimbo, Kahanna Montrese, Kandy Muse and LaLa Ri – received their latest assignment: to improvise in the new RuPrime series, Forensic Queens.

The first slice of drama came to fruition when Alexis and Kandy came into conflict over the detective character, which resulted in the former bursting into tears and the latter removing herself from the situation.

Later, Kahanna threatened to follow in the footsteps of Heidi N Closet and leave the competition – even going as far to pack her bags – telling her season eight sisters that the acting challenges are “taking” her “spirit”.

“This energy ain’t it for me,” she said. “How am I gonna be better this time?” Before she could follow through and quit, however, RuPaul made a surprise appearance in the workroom to “straighten shit out”.

“We gonna have to talk, ladies. I just wanna set you straight before you make any mistakes that you can’t undo. You’re having all these feelings. Of course you’re gonna have these feelings,” she told the queens.

“You’re under a lot of pressure. But, feelings are not facts. You have emotions going, ‘Oh yeah, I’m feeling some kind of way. But I’m gonna do this thing because I’m a professional. I’m a professional.‘”

Reminding the cast that Drag Race is the “greatest stage in the world” for them to showcase their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, the host warned: “Don’t let your feelings sabotage your experience in this life.”

“Do not allow the little things to derail your bigger picture. Ooh, she’s gonna preach this evening! Let the church say amen,” Ru continued. “You know how many bitches can’t get a job? You know how many bitches work for years in this business, in this game, never had recognition? Don’t walk away from it.”

After Kahanna came to the decision that she will no longer leave, RuPaul added: “You have survived this far. You know, you’re building your empires here. You wanna be on top of the world. You wanna do it all.

“And also I’m gonna add to that, have fun. This is a fun experience.”

Later, Kahanna felt more secure heading into the challenge following acting advice from Jimbo, while Alexis and Kandy mended their relationship.

The queens then shot the challenge, which takes place 10 years after the disappearance of season five icon Lil’ Poundcake on an unaired (and fictional, obviously) season of Drag Race All Stars.

From LaLa’s unhinged use of a golf cart to Jimbo’s “schtink finger” and Jessica’s proclamation that she is  “not a Republican”, the challenge was – in this writer’s opinion – one of the most uproarious in herstory.

On the runway, category was: Miss Fill in the Blank.

The queens’ concepts were as follows: Miss Sausage Party – Jessica Wild; Miss Tired Ass Showgirl – Kahanna Montrese; Miss Bootlegger – LaLa Ri; Miss Arrogant – Kandy Muse; Miss Man Pig – Alexis Michelle; and Miss Tits McGee 2003 – Jimbo.

Jessica and and Jimbo’s performances were met with praise, while LaLa’s “energy” led to special guest judge Javicia Leslie saying, “This was your show. […] You never dropped the ball. You’re talented.”

Unsurprisingly, LaLa was granted her first maxi-challenge win of the season (and her first win ever). Muddled reviews for Kahanna and Alexis resulted in their place in the bottom two, respectively marking their fourth and first time there.

The producers made LaLa “work hard” for her $10,000 tip with season 14 alum Jorgeous as this week’s lip-sync assassin. With Lizzo’s About Damn Time as the lip-sync number, both queens served choreo, comedy, splits and so forth.

Ultimately, LaLa blessed us with the legendary “LaLa Ri Experience” and defeated Jorgeous. Bestowed with the power of elimination, LaLa chose to chop Kahanna from the competition.

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