The date for this year’s London Trans+ Pride has been unveiled. Here’s all the information you need to know about the upcoming event.

We’ve got some good news – London Trans+ Pride is taking place on June 26, Wellington Arch, Hyde Park at 2pm.

In a social media post, the organisation shared a message of solidarity and celebration ahead of the big event.

“London Trans+ Pride 2021 is our opportunity to unite our voices against the continued and increasing disregard for trans safety, healthcare and wellbeing in the UK. During this period of increased isolation and precarity we need community-led change more than ever,” the post read.

The organisation continued to use their platform to address ongoing issues the trans community continues to face regularly due to a lack of funding.

“We need to continue to put pressure on the UK government to invest in trans healthcare, accessible bathroom provisions and prison facilities, and to ban forced surgeries for intersex children and other pseudoscientific conversion therapies.

“They consulted us on our lived experience, and now it’s their turn to listen. Let’s show those in positions of power what networks of care and radical love look like.

“We march in memory of all the trans pioneers: siblings, leaders and loved ones who even in death survive so that we can thrive. We march to champion the protection and celebration of BIPOC trans people, trans women, trans sex workers and trans kids. We march for trans life.”

The shared London Trans+ Pride poster also encourages attendees to wear flowers and has a stamped message of support for trans youth.

The event will be London Trans+ Pride’s third year going ahead fighting for the rights of trans people.

On Facebook, the organisation posted mini-statement reassuring supporters that their pride would “never be sponsored” and declared “London Trans+ Pride will always be a protest”.