Whether on a record, on a fragrance bottle, or even on screen, Lady Gaga has kept her stage name for all of her artistic endeavours so far. But that’s about to change.

The singer will star in a reboot of A Star Is Born alongside Bradley Cooper, who is also directing the film.

However, despite keeping her Gaga name for acting stints in American Horror Story, Machete Kills and The Simpsons, the 31-year-old is dropping it for this role.

Cooper confirmed that Gaga will be credited by her birth name Stefani Germanotta, which will be the first time in the star’s career so far.

Stefani will play a singer named Ally in A Star Is Born, as she fights to achieve her artistic dreams.

“She’s not this innocent person,” Cooper told Entertainment Weekly. “[We’re asking]: What happens when you’re 30 and you [realise] you might not make it? And what happens when the idea that maybe you’re not going to make it creeps into your artistic brain, but then you meet somebody who inspires you to run away from that idea and embrace what it is that moves you?”


What’s more, Stefani has recorded new music for the film, and has also performed it live during filming.


“Stefani was adamant about that: she said, ‘We have to record everything live,’ and I’m so glad she did. It’s night and day,” he added.

A Star Is Born is currently scheduled to be in cinemas from 18 May, 2018.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has started work on her sixth studio album and has teamed up with ARTPOP producer DJ White Shadow for new material.

The producer recently described the new collection as the “little sister” to the 2013 album.

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