Welcome to the family JoJo! 

After coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community at the end of January, popular Gen Z talent JoJo Siwa is now opening up about her journey.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, the 17-year-old TikTok star reveals the events leading up to her viral coming out post, stating: “I was doing TikTok’s with people in the Pride House […] and I was like ‘I think this TikTok we’re doing to Aint It Fun is going to out me'”.

After the Pride House uploaded the TikTok featuring Siwa, whispers about her sexuality began to spread within her fanbase and the social media community.

“So they posted [the TikTok video] and of course it did and people started commenting ‘Is this you coming out?’. So then I was like ‘you know what I can do? I can either mess with them and tease a little bit, I can either confirm it, because it is true, or I can just kind of do nothing about and just leave it there'”, she says.

On January 20, Siwa posted a Tik Tok video which featured her dancing along to Gaga’s hit track Born This Way, seemingly confirming her sexuality.


@itsjojosiwa♬ Born This Way Lady Gaga – johanna

During a Facetime call with her girlfriend, who Siwa describes as “the most amazing, wonderful, perfect, most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world”, Siwa came to the realization that she hadn’t officially come out, which lead her to post her iconic “Best.Gay.Cousin.Ever” shirt.


“We were both like technically I still haven’t confirmed it and ‘I kind just want to post this picture on my real story’ and she was super encouraging and she was like ‘do it’ and I was like ‘alright!'” she explained.

She also touched on how “risky” her coming out post was.

“But I was like ‘you know what I realized? how risky that was?’ and [my girlfriend] was like ‘what do you mean?’ and I was like ‘technically that was a really big risk that I took posting that’ and she was like ‘why because you could have lost everything?’

“And I was like ‘yeah but if I lost everything that I created because of being myself and because of loving who I love, I don’t want it'”, she continued.

Since coming out JoJo Siwa has received praise and support from fans and industry peers alike.

From Todrick Hall, Lil Nas X, Drag Race alum Trixie Mattel and more the support have been endless for the young talent.

Watch the full interview with Jimmy Fallon below.