Interview with the Vampire star Sam Reid has shared new information about the highly anticipated second season.

On 12 May, fans will finally be treated to new episodes of the beloved supernatural drama based on Anne Rice’s critically acclaimed Vampire Chronicles book series.

Picking up after the events of season one, Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) and his pseudo-daughter Claudia (Delainey Hayes) head to Europe after they seemingly put an end to their maker, Lestat de Lioncourt (Reid).

While searching for other vampires, the two stumble upon the mysterious immortal acting troupe, Theatre des Vampires, which introduces them to a new and deadly way of life.

With May swiftly approaching, Reid sat down with SFX Magazine to chat about Interview with the Vampire season two, including a new original twist that wasn’t featured in the books.

“There’s a really f**king cool twist in this season that is not in the books that I struggled with because I was like, ‘This is different, and I’m not sure,'” he explained to the publication.

“But actually, you can justify it because when you look at the books and look at the way that come out, and what happens in subsequent book after season one, there is a level of an unreliable element.

“You don’t always have to know the truth because Anne Rice never really tells you the truth. She likes to change it up a bit.”

While Reid remained mum on the specific details about the twist, he teased that fans can expect the new season to be bigger in every way.

“We clearly went bigger, which can be a pitfall for folks. But I think we work really, really hard and were very critical on ourselves to make sure that we didn’t lose any emotional depth,” he added.

Reid’s interview comes a few months after Anderson opened up about the main takeaways from Interview with the Vampire season two with Entertainment Weekly.

“The theme of season 2 is this idea of memory is a monster, and how memory and guilt can follow you around,” he explained.

“When we meet Claudia and Louis in season 2, they’re dealing with the psychological and literal repercussions of what they did together.”

Like his co-star, Anderson also affirmed that the new episodes are very faithful to the books but expand on ideas.

“We definitely stick to the second half of the book, and I’d say it’s faithful to the spirit and actually the literal plot,” he added.

“I love the first book, but the second half is not quite as dense as the first half, so the writers this season have definitely expanded on ideas that are hinted at or suggested in the second part of the book.”

Check out the recent trailer for Interview with the Vampire season two here or below.