Jacob Anderson has shared new details about Interview with the Vampire season two. 

Spoilers ahead.

Back in October 2022, fans of Anne Rice were treated to the AMC drama-horror, which is based on the beloved novel of the same name.

Like the book and 1994 film adaptation, the Interview with the Vampire TV series follows Louis de Pointe du Lac (Anderson), as reflects on his tragic vampire life and volatile relationship with Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid).

While the show incorporated various changes to the source material – like setting the story in the early 1900s versus the late 1700s – the entire first season received universal acclaim from fans and critics, with many praising its tone, costumes, and Anderson and Reid’s electric chemistry.

LGBTQIA+ fans also lauded the series and its creator, Rolin Jones, for embracing the queer elements of Rice’s novels by making Louis and Lestat full-on lovers.

Fortunately for viewers, the two vampires and their complicated love story are returning for another season, which is set to air in 2024. 

While AMC has remained mum on the exact release date, Anderson recently spilt the tea on the new batch of episodes during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. 

When discussing the start of season two, the Game of Thrones star teased that Louis and his surrogate vampire daughter Claudia (Delainey Hayles) would be dealing with the repercussions of “murdering” Lestat. 

“The theme of season 2 is this idea of memory is a monster, and how memory and guilt can follow you around,” he explained. 


“When we meet Claudia and Louis in season 2, they’re dealing with the psychological and literal repercussions of what they did together. 

“With Louis, you definitely get a sense there was some hesitance on his part – he didn’t really go through with it, he pulled back from the decision at the last minute, because he is very in love with this fellow monster.” 

Anderson went on to say that Louis’ hesitance to kill Lestat is set to create tension with Claudia as they travel around Europe.

For fans of Rice’s book, Anderson confirmed that the new episodes won’t stray from its source material but will include new “expanded ideas.” 

“We definitely stick to the second half of the book, and I’d say it’s faithful to the spirit and actually the literal plot,” he continued.  



“I love the first book, but the second half is not quite as dense as the first half, so the writers this season have definitely expanded on ideas that are hinted at or suggested in the second part of the book.” 

Lastly, Anderson teased that the present-day Dubai story would be “really explosive” before touching on Louis’ new relationship with Armand (Assad Zaman).

“Their relationship is really interesting, and it’s one of things that I’m most excited about people seeing this season,” he added. 

“It really evolves and changes as they get to know each other. They defintetly hit it off – they have a real chemistry when they first meet.”

We need the second season of Interview with the Vampire on our screens ASAP.