Canadian hyperpop trans singer and producer Elliot Platt, aka ElyOtto, has released his debut EP via RCA Records.

ElyOtto first-time EP follows the new artist’s meteoric rise as an online star. His new project title, Hellscape Suburbia, is inspired by his dissatisfaction with cookie-cutter suburbs and the hellscape that is generic repetition.

The EP, which features eight songs, blend the inspired sounds of Kid Trash, Dorian Electra and more

“You can hear subtle differences in my work as I grow and shape my sound,” Elyotto says in a statement. “It’s sweet, vivid, repetitive, a little rough around the edges. I found myself very fixated on the rave movements of the 90s. I took inspiration from many legendary artists like Daft Punk and Gigi D’Agostino.”

The EP includes ElyOtto’s expressive song Dayzee. The artist describes the track as “a small-town beauty queen’s desire to live a famous life, all unpleasant aspects included.”

Dayzee has been released alongside a music video which was filmed in Sharples, Alberta, that aims to mirror the frenetic energy of the song.

“It’s a collaborative demonstration of 3 very different forms of art between 3 best friends,” ElyOtto explains. “Needless to say it was a total blast to make.”

As an upcoming creative, ElyOtto has become ingrained in the fabric (and sound) of TikTok. If you’re not familiar with his name, users will instantly recognise SugarCrash!’s zany, neon hues.

The artist followed the success of his online hit with a SugarCrash! remix featuring Kim Petras and Curtis Waters.

Speaking to GAY TIMES, ElyOtto explains how social media (and his music) has become a trans-accepting space filled with friends, fans and community: “Music is a mask and also a window to show what you’re feeling. I feel like hyperpop is a very trans sounding genre where you can manipulate your voice and use all these crazy flashy synths, but it still feels authentic because of the lyrics.”

You can listen to ElyOtto’s debut EP, Hellscape Suburbia, here or below.

Hellscape Suburbia is out now on all platforms via RCA Records.