Lil Nas X stopped his latest concert for an emergency bathroom break. 

Back in September, the Grammy-winning rapper started his Long Live Montero tour. As expected, the larger-than-life event has delivered an array of showstopping moments, including new mashups of his hit songs and a dance break featuring Pure/Honey from Beyoncé’s critically-acclaimed album Renaissance. 

However, it wouldn’t be a Lil Nas X concert without some form of comedy. During his latest show in Atlanta, Georgia, the Industry Baby rapper informed fans that he needed some extra time off stage due to his bowel movements.

In a video, which was uploaded by a fan account on Twitter, LNX said: “I’m backstage, and this is not a part of the show, but I’m taking a mean s**t. I’m gonna be like a minute or two, and I’ll be right back.”

On 30 September, the Montero singer reposted the aforementioned video and confirmed that he was serious about his bathroom admission. 

“Lmao, people really thought I was joking, I was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet,” he tweeted. 

Fans also took to Twitter to joke about the rapper’s hilarious announcement. 

One user tweeted: “This sounds so funny with the mystical sounding music in the background.” 

Another fan wrote: “He’s so real for this. I have to use the restroom the second I get nervous about something so understandable.”

Aside from his bathroom fiasco, the Long Live Montero tour has been full of unforgettable events. On 18 September, LNX trolled religious protesters outside his Boston concert with free pizza. 

“Just told my team to send them pizza, this is really good promo,” the young talent wrote on Twitter alongside a video of the incident. 

In a follow-up tweet, he shared a hilarious update regarding the pizza peace offering, writing: “They didn’t want the pizza, but I accidentally fell in love with one of the homophobic protestors.”

LNX also asked fans to refrain from taking poppers at his show, tweeting: “Stop doing poppers at my concert! u do not need ur asshole relaxed to see me perform industry baby.”

It’s safe to say that LNX and his fans are having an absolute ball during the Long Live Montero tour.