The Vivienne has revealed her top picks for Drag Race UK season 2.

Last week, the Liverpudlian became the UK’s First Drag Race Superstar after serving lewk after lewk and becoming a massive viral sensation with her impressions of Kim Woodburn, Cilla Black and *hiss noise* Donald Trump.

In celebration of her historic win, we caught up with The Vivienne and discussed her time on the series and who she wants to see sashay into the season 2 werkroom. She told us: “We definitely need some more scousers on it.”

The Vivienne then picked Liverpool-based queens such as Tiara Fletcher, Brenda LaBeau and Michael Marouli, before praising Newcastle’s Miss Rory, calling her a “real queen of mean, kind of stand up comedian”.

The star then hit out at queens who have said they won’t audition for the series due to the lack of prize money.

BBC Three

“If you’re going into RuPaul’s Drag Race just for the prize money, you’re doing it for the wrong thing,” she explained. “I entered RuPaul’s Drag Race to get the recognition. I know I’m a good queen, but to get recognition from RuPaul and the world.

“You’ll have a career that bounces off the show and if you play it correctly, it’s going to last a lifetime. I’m about to tour the world. It’s those things that come after it. You’ll make that 100k in three months, hopefully. It’s not all about prizes.”

The Vivienne is set to conquer Hollywood with two incredible projects. The first, a collaboration with Baga, will see the stars reprise their iconic Snatch Game characters as Trump and Thatcher for a “spoof of Good Morning Britain”.

The second will be her own adventure, details of which are yet to be announced.

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