Here come the tears!

The American e-commerce store has unveiled its first-holiday ad and we simply can’t get enough.

The commercial opens up with Brandon and David anxiously waiting on the front stoop of a holiday party. Of course, like any holiday get-together there is commotion, excitement, and a sense of nerves.

As the ad progresses we see one half of the couple feel out of his element. But at the end of the commercial while everyone is opening presents, one of the family patriarchs hands Brandon and David a heartfelt present saying ” We didn’t forget you. Welcome to the family”.

LGBTQ+ representation in big brand adverts has steadily risen over the years.

Campbells, Colgate, Starbucks, Absolut, and Coke have all released ads that have beautifully captured LGBTQ+ people, their relationships, and their happiness.

We’ve also seen advertisements like the recent Burger King ad from Finland that showcased the iconic mascot kissing Ronald McDonald in support of Pride.

The commercial is not only amazing for its portrayal of LGBTQ+ love but for also showcasing an all-black cast.

With so much diversity in the world, seeing that translated onto the screen has been a challenging and often discussed talking point.

Etsy breaks that cycle with this warm and sweet ad that we hope will be a staple this holiday season.

Watch the full commercial below.

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