Emma Corrin said they were shocked by the hate they received after coming out as non-binary.

Back in 2021, The Crown star made headlines after they came out as queer on Instagram.

“ur fave queer bride,” they wrote alongside images from their bride-themed photoshoot for POP Magazine.

A few months after their revelation, Corrin came out as non-binary after changing their pronouns to they/them.

Over the last two years, the young talent has remained an open book about their non-binary journey – including the pushback they received for posting about their binder.

“I might have [messaged my team] over WhatsApp and just said, ‘I’m going to post this.’ I don’t think there was any big discussion about it,” Corrin explained during a recent interview with Vanity Fair.

“Naively, maybe, it took me aback how much hate I got for that. It was quite a reality check. But for a lot of people, it did help.

“Especially around conversation of gender and stuff, it does help a lot of people to see someone living as a nonbinary person in the world.”


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While their post garnered toxic reactions from online trolls, Corrin said they kept their social media accounts because they wanted to help other non-binary individuals.

Elsewhere in the piece, the Misbehavior star opened up about the “amazing” queer mentors in their life like Dan Levy and Mae Martin.

“A lot of them are actually queer friends of mine whose experience in the public have involved conversations around their gender identity and sexuality,” they said.

“Those people, like Dan Levy and Mae Martin, have been really amazing in just helping and guiding me where needed. No matter who we are or what our jobs are, we have a self that we present and how we feel on the inside.”

Towards the end of their statement, Corrin admitted to no longer feeling “restricted” since opening up about their identity.

“There’s a lot of joy for me in talking about that and sharing that part of myself, because I hope that it helps others as well,” they said.

In addition to their coming out journey, Corrin has continued to break significant ground as an openly non-binary actor.

On 14 February, Deadline reported that the 27-year-old star is expected to play the villain alongside Ryan Reynolds as the title character and Hugh Jackman, who reprises his career-defining role from the X-Men franchise as Wolverine.

The first Deadpool film to join Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will be directed by Shawn Levy, with Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese returning to helm the script. Kevin Feige, MCU President, will produce with Reynolds and Levy.

Deadpool 3 will also mark the first R-rated entry in the MCU.