Drag Race queens from across the franchise’s stratosphere have bravely come together to form ‘The Snatch Game Victim Association’ (SGVA).

The group has officially been formed by Drag Race España contestant Onyx Unleashed.

The Madrid queen made her Drag Race debut in the second season of the Spanish spin-off and was eliminated in eighth place after bombing the Snatch Game.

Returning for the first-ever season of Drag Race España: All Stars, Onyx once again failed to impress the judges with her impersonations, becoming only the second queen in herstory to be eliminated on the Snatch Game twice after Gia Gunn.

In a video uploaded onto Instagram, the queen announced the creation of the new society, wearing a t-shirt that reads: “Am I good at Snatch Game? No. Am I trying to be better? Also no.”

Onyx opens the video by announcing herself as the “President of SGVA” before satirically revealing how flopping the staple challenge impacts a queen’s “health”.

The video continues to feature cameo appearances from other queens who have experienced a similar fate including Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha, River Medway, Choriza May, Pangina Heals and Sum Ting Wong.

Sum Ting Wong claims she “is a survivor” whilst Choriza May, who is currently starring in the second season of Drag Race UK vs the World, says she is “much better off”.

In the comments, queens from the Drag Race franchise had a lot to say. Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha commented “TRAUMA BOND” while Tia Kofi said it was “triggering”.

Although Jujubee has a positive representation with Snatch Game, particularly for her impersonation of Eartha Kitt on All Stars 4, she makes a humorous appearance at the end of the video because – in her words – “I’m everywhere”.

The Snatch Game is one of the most iconic and anticipated challenges that the queens battle through and usually falls at the halfway point in the series.

The queens are tasked with celebrity impressions. Over the years, we’ve had appearances from icons such as Maggie Smith, Lady Gaga, Pink, Beyoncé, Adele, Celine Dion, Cardi B, Judge Judy, Carol Channing, Little Richard, Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears (some twice).

Watch the video below.


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