Comedy legend Marlon Wayans has responded to the homophobic bigots upset with his heartwarming Pride Month post.

Back in November 2023, the Scary Movie star first opened up about his connection to the LGBTQIA+ community when he revealed that his eldest child, Kai, was trans during an interview with The Breakfast Club.

As he discussed his comedy special Good Grief, Wayans shared that he was working on a new special that would follow his journey with Kai’s gender identity.

Skittles, or Rainbow Child, is about my daughter – I have a daughter that transitioned into a son,” said Wayans. “My daughter Amai is now Kai. And so I talk about the transition. Not their transition, but my transition as a parent going from ignorance and denial to complete unconditional love and acceptance.”

While the star said he was still coming to terms with using “they/them” pronouns, he added that Kai knows he “loves them”.

“They see I’m trying… But I gotta respect their wishes, right? And as a parent, I just want my kids to be free. I want them to be free in spirit, free in thought. Free to be themselves,” he explained.

On 14 June, Wayans continued to showcase his support for Kai and the entire LGBTQIA+ community when he uploaded a heartwarming Instagram post in honour of Pride Month.

“Happy PRIDE to all my LGBTQ+ peoples. Did a photo shoot with the great photographer @parrish_lewis dope pic,” his caption read.

“P.S. I’m STRAIGHT… well, according to my child CISGENDER male. I just love and support my peoples.”


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While Wayans was showered with support from his fans and industry peers – including singer Janelle Monae and actress Trace Lysette– the post also resulted in him receiving hundreds of anti-LGBTQIA+ comments and the loss of 10,000 followers.

Fortunately, the White Chicks star didn’t let the pushback get him down. In fact, he welcomed the haters to unfollow him in a defiant post to X, formerly known as Twitter.

“I hope I lose EVERY FOLLOWER that is ignorant, small and full of hate. I don’t f**k with that type of energy. Let’s just keep 100. I don’t f**k with you, so don’t f**k with me. Respects #bye,” he wrote.

In addition to his aforementioned X post, Wayans uploaded more Pride Month photos to his Instagram account, alongside captions reiterating his disdain for the homophobic haters.

“Yeah, and just for the HATE MONGERS … I’m posting ANOTHER. As a father of a child in the LGBTQ+ community, I show my support. Zero f**ks what people think. If I lost you… GOOD,” he wrote in one of his posts.

“Your hateful ass never loved me in the first place. How can you love anyone when you’re too busy judging? Some of y’all funny. I’m a troll. I’ll post all day. HAPPY PRIDE to all my friends, fam, fans and loved ones. I am happy you’re happy… period.”

We love to see a confident LGBTQIA+ ally push back against the haters.


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