The update we’ve all been waiting for is here. Dolly Parton has confirmed that a revival of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ‘is still being worked on’.

The queen of country explained that producers are “still working on that,” and “they’re thinking about bringing it back and revamping it” in an interview with Business Insider.

The noughties cult classic starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, as Buffy, a teenage girl bequeathed with supernatural capabilities to defeat demons, vampires and forces of darkness.

Across seven seasons between 1997 and 2003, the drama received critical acclaim for its portrayal of LGBTQIA+ characters and made history as the first American TV show to feature a lesbian relationship, including the first ever lesbian sex scene.

It has also been credited for influencing other Charmed, Vampire Diaries and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

What is not commonly known is that the country music icon was an uncredited producer. The series used Parton’s production company, Sandollar Production, for the all seven series.

“A lot of my work was done just conversing back and forth with the business people there,” said Parton.

“I have to give more people more credit on Buffy the Vampire Slayer than me. A lot of people did so much sweat on that. That little show did great.”

A reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was first announced in 2018 but it never materialised.

Gellar spoke out early last year in conversation with SFX Magazine via MovieWeb how there “doesn’t need to be” a revival.

“I am all for them continuing the story, because there’s the story of female empowerment. I love the way the show was left: ‘Every girl who has the power can have the power.’

“It’s set up perfectly for someone else to have the power. But like I said, the metaphors of Buffy were the horrors of adolescence. I think I look young, but I am not an adolescent.”

The queer icon has recently appeared on Drag Race season 16 as a guest judge and fans were quite literally gagged by the return of “mother” to our screens.

Gellar was praised for her thoughtful critique to the RDR Live performances. “Sarah Michelle Gellar is such a good guest judge for Drag Race her feedback is so genuine and is clearly based in her knowledge of showbiz that it’s constructive and helpful as well,” one fan tweeted.

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