Queer as Folk creator Russell T Davies has opened up about Yasmin Finney’s future in the Doctor Who universe. 

On 25 November, fans were finally treated to the first special (The Star Beast) of the show’s highly anticipated 60th anniversary celebration – which took place across three one-hour episodes. 

Following the events of Doctor Who season 13, which saw Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, the episode begins with the time lord’s usual reincarnation. However, instead of having a new face, the extraterrestrial being takes on the same identity as his tenth iteration, which David Tennant iconically plays.   

As he walks about the city in his somewhat new form, the time lord runs into his former companion, Donna Noble (played by the beloved Catherine Tate), who is now a wife and loving mother to her trans daughter, Rose (Finney).

Shortly after its release, the episode received universal acclaim from critics and fans, with many praising its larger-than-life storyline, clever dialogue, and Finney’s heartwarming performance. 

While Rose’s story seemingly ended at the end of the third 60th-anniversary special, Davies recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Finney’s character will appear in more Doctor Who adventures. 

“I was writing a trans character who’s a teenager, part of a London family, of mixed race, and that’s an unusual set of conditions for a character to meet,” he told the news outlet. 


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“The list of people who would audition for that is not very long. Along came Yasmin, and we just closed the door after that, because there she was! She’s absolutely terrific, and she has more appearances to come, simply because I adore working with her.” 

Davies’ recent interview comes a few weeks after he slammed transphobes who were spewing hate towards Finney and the show. 

Days before the premiere of The Star Beast, Davies opened up to the press about the new episodes and Finney’s groundbreaking inclusion.

“It’s something that’s not just a Doctor Who thing for me. It’s something I and a lot of other writers are keen to do – to be progressive, to reflect more of society,” he explained (via Metro).

“It’s funny, in casting Yasmin, there was this 15-year-old mixed-race [trans girl] – there are very few people who fit the casting, and it’s like she came down from Heaven, and there she was.” 

Towards the end of his statement, Davies slammed the anti-trans bigots who have opposed Finney’s casting, describing them as “full of absolute hate, and venom, and destruction and violence.”  

He added: “Shame on you, and good luck to you in your lonely lives.” 

Here’s to hoping Finney’s return will feature an intergalactic adventure with Ncuti Gatwa’s iteration of the Doctor.