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DC Comics will soon be introducing Kid Quick, a non-binary superhero, who will debut next month in a holiday-themed comic book.

The new alternative-universe character is essentially a younger, gender-fluid version of The Flash and will go by they/them pronouns.

Many of us are incredibly excited to see DC Comics include more modern superheroes that are not limited to the Golden or Silver Age. Instead, we are being offered contemporary identities that audiences and readers alike will be able to relate to, especially in the LGBTQ+ community.

The upcoming new hero will debut as part of the Teen Justice team, which showcases new spins on classic characters, and will make their first appearance in the holiday-themed DC’s Merry Multiverse series. Kid Quick will also appear later on as The Flash in an upcoming comic book series, Future State: Justice League.

Kid Quick joins the Suicide Squad character The Aerie, a non-binary antihero, and Marvel Comics’ two non-binary characters, Snowflake and Safespace. There’s also been a greater scope of diversity across the comic world, with new characters taking over more traditional heroes such as John Ridley’s African-American Batman.

Kid Quick was created by Ivan Cohen and Eleonora Carlini, along with the rest of Teen Justice, including Aquagirl (Jacqui Hyde), Supergirl (Laurel Kent) and Robin (Talia Kane). Speaking to Screen Rant, the creator broke down his thought process behind the new character, who was intended to be a one-off figure.

“I suggested that Kid Quick could be Earth-11’s first genderfluid character, and once editors saw Eleonora Carlini’s terrific take on the character design, there was suddenly a lot of interest in them for stories beyond the Merry Multiverse special in December.”

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