Big Dipper is facing backlash on social media after admitting to purposefully giving his hook-ups incorrect addresses as a “safety precaution”.

Speaking on his podcast Sloppy Seconds, the rapper openly shared with co-host Meatball and guest Drag Race star BenDeLaCreme: “I sometimes give people my address, but not my apartment number, so I can look out the window.”

Drilling into the situation a little further, Meatball asked: “Have you ever just stopped responding?”

“Yeah,” Big Dipper replied. “What I actually do is give them the apartment number across the street, and then when I see them looking around, I’ll be like, ‘oh, I’m across the street in this unit’ and then they’ll come over.”

Dipper went on to state that “it’s just a safety precaution” for when he meets with “guys who send no photos”.

Meatball then asked DeLa if she thought this was “f***ed up”, to which the Drag Race star responded: “This is deeply f***ed up.”

Interestingly, the full interaction was cut out of episode 422 on YouTube. Instead, the viral clip has continued to circulate online after it was posted on the official TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) accounts of the podcast, to tease the new episode.

Much of the discourse surrounding the clip has been about flagging the “risk” to other members of the public who would unexpectedly be receiving a knock on the door, while other comments highlighted how common practice it is for some people to share a false address.

Online users were quick to reference another recent viral clip from TikTok user @mizdeeliving. In her video she explained to viewers how a man in an Amazon uniform knocked on her front door, before confirming that he had the wrong address.

Later that same day, another man was loitering outside before knocking on her door. The second man confirmed that he got her address through Sniffies, an interactive, map-based cruising platform for gay, bi and curious guys. Users find connections through a map interface that shows both nearby guys and popular cruising destinations.

Responding to the Sloppy Seconds clip, she stitched a new video and said: “That’s really raggedy as f*uck to put your own selfish needs ahead of somebody else’s danger, both the man and the people that live there.”

@mizdeeliving @Sloppy Seconds ✨ @bigdipperjelly DO BETTER!! #foryou #wrongaddress #sniffies ♬ original sound – mizdeeliving

Other people responding to the initial video pointed out the need to give a false address in the first place.

One person commented: “Ask for photos first, and if they won’t give them, then don’t waste both of y’alls time.”

Another added: “People have done this to me and I have felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable. I’m so glad they called him out on this.”

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