And Just Like That gave fans a sneak peek into a potential queer romance during the latest episode.

On Thursday (16 December), the new Sex and the City revival dropped its highly anticipated third episode.

In the latest release, Carrie is continuing to mourn Mr Big while readjusting to her work and social life. During the reading of his will, she soon finds out that his first wife Natasha is the recipient of $1 million.

Elsewhere in the episode, the topic of gender identity is explored when Rose tells Charlotte that they don’t feel like a girl.

Carrie and company then attend Che Diaz’s comedy show, which highlights their coming out process and non-binary identity.

With further insight into the non-binary community, Charlotte calls Rose and tells them that they love them before heading home.

The episode ended on an incredibly queer note when Miranda and Che shared an intimate moment.

After Miranda praised the podcast host over their comedy show, Che asked her if she wanted to smoke weed.

The former lawyer cautiously turned it down, which prompted Che to offer a shotgun hit. This led to the two sharing the weed smoke as their lips almost touched.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sara Ramirez opened up about the scene and what it means for the two characters in future episodes.

“What I can say is that they are two very powerful, very confident people who are both unafraid to speak their authentic truths,” they said.

“And when you get two energies like that in the room, you can expect a really interesting dynamic to appear, and you can expect some serious electricity.”

They also opened up about preparing for the scene with Cynthia Nixon and revealed this was filmed at the start of production.

“This was also a scene I shot within that first day or two of filming. Cynthia Nixon is a phenomenal actor, as we know. I was so excited to work with her,” they explained.

“She and [her wife] Christine actually invited me over to their home prior to filming, so I got a chance to meet Cynthia and talk to her [so that we did] not feel like complete and total strangers by the time I started filming.”

“For that scene, it was really collaborative, and I felt really cared for and valued. We were able to create an intimate environment in which to play this scene.It was also important that we highlight our queer and trans background actors who are coming and going throughout that scene.”

You can watch Ramirez and Nixon in the first three episodes of And Just Like That on Sky Comedy and NOW in the UK.