The leaves are turning brown and the weather is getting cooler which can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming, and it brings with it joy, happiness, and of course the season of giving.

While you anxiously wait for your friends and family to get your presents, we think it’s time you get your phone something special for Christmas. You know, the one gadget you can’t live without. Since it has served you so well, staying with you through all the thick and thin, maybe it’s time you thank it and treat it with a little something.

Luckily for you, we know the six things your phone has on its Christmas wish list. You can also save on these items with these Amazon discount codes; you just need to pick up the best available code and apply it at checkout in the final stage of your purchase.

A Power Bank

Your phone does so much for you. It provides you with an easy way to communicate with your friends and family through different mediums (call, social media, message, and so on.). It gives you all the information you need, in a matter of seconds, it presents you with the world at the palm of your hand. All that work takes a lot out of the phone.

You need to treat your phone right and make sure you have plenty of juice to power it as it begins to power down. A power bank can help you charge your phone on the go. You just need to plug in your phone with a charging cable and let it recharge. You don’t want just any power bank, the Anker PowerCore 20100 has plenty of power to charge your phone multiple times. It is portable and light which makes it easy to carry around in your pocket. So your phone will never die on you again.

A Bluetooth Headset

For those that are always on the go, watching shows and videos can be tough. You can’t watch them on your phone with the speaker volume blaring as you commute on the metro. In a crowded metro you can barely hear yourself think, let alone watch and listen something on your phone. So give your phone speakers a rest and invest in a Bluetooth headset.

A Bluetooth headset makes it easier for you to listen to your favourite music and watch videos on the go. You just want to make sure you get one that has plenty of battery life and fits comfortably over your ears. The Cowin E7 is one such headset that has over 30 hours of playtime and has comfortable ear cushioning technology that sits well on your ear without any discomfort. It also has exception sound with deep bass so you can enjoy both music and videos.

A Shockproof Cover

Not only are smartphones expensive but also they slowly become your lifeline. So why would you want to risk possibly damaging them when they are accidentally dropped? You need to make sure they are completely covered with a protective case, protecting them from damage.

There are various different shockproof covers available depending on the model of your phone. Just make sure the one you opt for not only improves the phones aesthetics but also provides it the protection it needs.

A Durable Charging Cable

Most smartphone users, especially iPhone users, are aware of how delicate the charging cables are. The cable begins to wear down and eventually tear apart with time. The also tangle easily if you don’t keep them wrapped properly which can get annoying.

You want to make sure that your charging cable doesn’t give out on you a few months into buying a new phone. The Anker Lighting Cable and the Android Cable comes with a tangle-free nylon wire that stays intact no matter what.

A Car Phone Mount

We have a constant need for our phone and everyone is well aware of how dangerous phone use is while driving. Having a phone mount allows you to use your phone for basic things like navigation, calls, and voice messaging without having to take your eyes and concentration off the road.

The Mpow windscreen mount allows you to easily keep your phone not too far from your field of vision. You can also use it as you need.

A VR Headset

Phone technology has advanced drastically in the past few years. You can now use your smartphones to provide you with a VR experience at home. All you need is a good VR headset that aids your phone in providing this experience. The Veeyiki headset turns your phone into a private cinema for you giving you an experience like no other.