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Over the years, LGBTQ+ athletes have struggled with being publicly out and how they fit into mainstream sports culture. Out of sheer creativity and a need for representation, our community has uplifted one another to drive an inclusive frontier of diversity. As a part of this unity, the LGBTQ+ community carves out unique safe spaces such as Pride Sports where we can all appreciate the freedom, flexibility, and self-expression sport culture can bring. As part of a team, a huddle, or one-on-one, the sporting world brings people together from all backgrounds, and, here at GAY TIMES, we want to champion this. To celebrate Voltarol’s 20th anniversary, our new campaign is celebrating the progress that the LGBTQ+ sporting community has made over the last 20 years.

As we continue to make headway, we are regularly reminded that homophobia and intolerance can be hidden in locker rooms or living on the sidelines of football pitches. We believe this is unacceptable and we are dedicated to inspiring change so sport and sporting facilities can become communal and accepting spaces for everyone.

GAY TIMES’ partnership with Voltarol embodies the same spirit. We hope our short film reflects the unique makeup of our communities, particularly underrepresented and minority voices. This is why we have included six incredible sportspeople from Pride Sports to feature.

These include:
– Stonewall FC football club footballer Leon Williams
– Black Girls Ruck founder and rugby player Anne Onwusiri
– Founder of KnockOut LGBTQ+ Boxing Club at KnockOut Philip Bradby
– Cyclist Jo
– Dancer Sophie Brain
– London Otters Rowing club rower Prathit

Now, more than ever, GAY TIMES, Voltarol (GSK), and Pride Sports are committed to empowering the LGBTQ+ sports community to feel validated and supported. Equality, acceptance, accessibility, and diversity are integral pillars to our vision of what the future of the sporting community looks like. Together, in recognising the progress and evolution of the past, we will campaign to create a movement which represents all of us fairly.

Watch GAY TIMES’ campaign with Voltarol here or below.

To learn more about Voltarol, click here.