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Every now and again you come across a hotel located in a prime city location – one that makes you never want to leave; The Madrid EDITION is that hotel.

Bold architecture, surprisingly diverse spaces and facilities, and absolutely flawless service – why would you want to go anywhere else? Of course with a quick visit to the concierge they will implore you to venture outside the four walls. Madrid is a spectacular city so, as hard as it might be, you should do your best to explore all this beautiful city has to offer.

On arrival, our bags are whisked away and we are invited to take a seat in the impressive lobby. Think of it more as an extended living room, sumptuous sofas and rugs, the EDITION classic pool-table (you’ll find one in most properties) and a long bar. There was a strong emphasis on warm, indirect lighting, which has been thoughtfully considered to give the room an approachability of a home – and at home we felt indeed.

Just a few paces from the lobby we stumbled upon Jerónimo, one of the hotel’s exceptional restaurants where we were wined and dined by world-class head chefs Enrique Olvera and Santiago Pérez whose attention to detail when curating the menu with both Mexican and Spanish influences made it truly one of the best dining experiences we have ever had.

Above on the lower ground floor lies a wellness facility and gym that are the stuff dreams are made of, after a day of travelling the steam room and mud bath offered some much needed rest and relaxation before we decided to call it a night. EDITION has been increasing the quality of its on-site fitness facilities in recent years, understanding the rising demand for wellness on-site. This latest space is one of the better but doesn’t quite match The West Hollywood EDITION – which rivals full-scale gyms in the city. However, it’s a fully functional space and beautifully finished.

The next day we decided to go up onto the roof to try the hotel’s other restaurant Oroya headed by the extraordinary Peruvian chef Diego Muñoz where we had tapas such as ceviches and papa rellena which were both bursting with flavour and have lingered through our minds ever since. The quality of food is up there with the highest end restaurants in Madrid. After having a few cocktails we ventured onto the restaurant’s rooftop that houses the city’s biggest rooftop pool and stunning views of the intoxicating sunset.

Our last day was supposed to be filled with sightseeing but we somewhat embarrassingly turned it in in favour of the rooftop cabanas – they are too difficult to turn down. Ian Schrager and the Marriott dream-team have somehow managed to create a rooftop in central Madrid that parallels as a quiet poolside retreat. The result is EDITION’s best city set-up yet.

Whether you are looking for an unparalleled culinary experience, stunning views, impeccable service or just a place to stretch your legs, you will find it within the four floors of the Madrid EDITION. Madrid is a city that has such a unique and distinct energy that it is hard to put into words, but the Madrid EDITION not only captures that energy – it celebrates it.

To book your stay at The Madrid EDITION, you can check availability and rates here.