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On the Lower East Side of Manhattan sits Bowery, New York’s newest up and coming neighbourhood; Bowery is perhaps not always your first thought when looking for a place to stay in New York’s most iconic borough but it is rapidly becoming an epicentre of culture in the city. Somewhere in Bowery lies CitizenM, a favourite worldwide.

Entering into the lobby of the Bowery it is no surprise why CitizenM is loved around the world; with multi high atrium ceilings, the main lobby and living room area invites the weary traveller to seek solace within its walls – it makes the atmosphere incredibly friendly and welcoming.

The main lobby area is such an exciting place to spend some time if you ever find yourself in the Bowery; GT noticed that many hotel guests and day visitors frequented the bar and seating areas that were on a multi level style seating arrangement which made for a really dynamic and young feel to the hotel.

Guest rooms have a very compact layout in a very straight-to-the-point no nonsense way, all rooms are identical, meaning that if you are indecisive like most of us are, you don’t have to stress over picking the perfect room. These rooms are perfectly functional for single (or double, depending on what you’re up to) usage.

The high pressured shower in each of the rooms was welcome after long, stressful days in the city and the comfortable bed allowed for some much needed rest. A particularly interesting feature of the room was the high tech controls that allow you to alter the mood lighting and sound scapes with the iPad provided or from your phone, allowing you to create a relaxing environment after a long day of work (or partying) in the city.

GT recommends this property for budget conscious travellers that are looking for a last minute stay in Manhattan while also not compromising on location and quality. CitizenM should absolutely be on every travellers list.