Jayde Adams and Karen Hauer received a standing ovation for their stunning Strictly Come Dancing debut performance.

On 24 September, the beloved dance competition returned for its 20th season with a new set of celebrities vying for the coveted Glitterball trophy.

While most of the pairings delivered dazzling performances, Adams and Hauer wowed the judges and viewers with their samba to Christina Aguilera’s hit single Dirrty.

After strutting their stuff on the dance floor, the Good Omens star and Strictly veteran received a standing ovation from the crowd – which resulted in a tearful response from Adams.

The two were also lauded by longtime judge Motsi Mabuse, who congratulated them for their energy.

“You came down the steps, and I said, ‘Samba, you are in trouble. You have never met this woman,” he said.

“You’re absolutely contagious. I mean, the energy, the selling point, the performance, we have got all of that. Please do me a favour. Keep it up.

“But work on those techniques, work on those feet, and work on sustaining that level.”

Shortly after the episode aired, fans took to social media to praise Adams for her performance.


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One viewer tweeted:Jayde Adams on strictly has cured my depression and paid my debts thank you and goodnight.”

Another fan wrote:This is a Jayde Adams stan account now. You can tell she was LIVING for that dance. Feeling her oats. Pure joy. She’s a f**king angel.”

Adams and Hauer’s acclaimed performance comes a day after the First Dates host opened up to Digital Spy about her decision to choose a female partner.

“I think my partnership with Karen is more about sisterhood. And if you’re in the dance world, which I was as a child, the sort of all-girl and all-male partnerships is quite commonplace,” she explained to the news outlet.

“Obviously, it’s a new thing in these dance shows, the one that’s in Australia and the one that’s in America, but I think the world is changing, and to me, it just doesn’t seem like anything that is abnormal to me. It seems like a completely natural thing.”

The Crazy Delicious star also expressed excitement for the various dance stunts she gets to perform with Hauer, stating: “I’m now going to be able to throw Karen Hauer around that dance floor. She’s going over my head. I don’t care.

“I cannot wait to lift her because when I danced with my sister, I was the base, and I used to lift her all the time and actually, the last time I danced was actually with my sister… so this felt really natural to me.”

Check out Jayde Adams and Karen Hauer’s samba performance to Dirrty here or below.