Peacock’s critically acclaimed Queer as Folk reboot has been cancelled by the streaming service after just one season.

The story, which is a reimagining of Russell T Davies’ groundbreaking 1999 drama of the same name, follows a group of friends whose lives are transformed after a tragic shooting occurs at New Orleans’ popular gay nightclub Babylon. 

Ryan O’Connell, Jesse James Keitel, Candace Grace, Johnny Sibilly, Devin Way, Fin Argus, Kim Cattrall, Benito Skinner, Ed Bedgley Jr., Nyle DiMarco and Juliette Lewis all starred in the series.

At the time of its release, the inclusive show earned rave reviews from viewers and critics, with many fans celebrating the series for its diverse LGBTQ+ cast.

However despite receiving heaps of praise, the beloved series will not be returning to Peacock for a second season.  

In response to the shocking news, Queer as Folk creator Stephen Dunn opened up about the cancellation in a heartfelt Instagram post. 

“It’s a rare gift in these times, and in this country, to be able to make a show as fearless and unapologetic as Queer As Folk. This experience changed our lives forever, and we’re so grateful to have found this incredible new family,” he wrote. 

“We know how much it’s meant to the fans, and while we’re heartbroken we won’t get to make more episodes, we wanna thank everyone for watching and falling in love with Brodie, Mingus, Ruthie, Noah, Shar, Julian, Daddius, Bussey, Marvin, Judy and Brenda. We’re so grateful for the chance to honor our community and are so proud of this show.”

Johnny Sibilly, who plays Noah in the series, echoed similar sentiments in his own Instagram tribute. 

“Thank you to the cast & crew of #QueerAsFolk for showing up to tell stories that celebrated queerness. Thank you to Stephen & Jaclyn for trusting me & showing me I could fly with this character,” he said. 

“Thank you to every person who watched, wrote messages, and stopped me irl to say the show meant something to them. I’ll have this family forever & while it hurts now, I will always be so proud of what we accomplished. Keep supporting queer content y’all. It’s not promised.” 

Queer as Folk’s cancellation comes just a few months after all eight episodes were released on Peacock in June.

Here’s how fans reacted to the news: