Young Royals fans rejoice! The show’s third season has officially started production.

Back in December, Netflix announced that the critically-acclaimed LGBTQ+ drama was renewed for a final season.

In a statement at the time, head writer and co-creator Lisa Ambjörn said: “I’ve always imagined Young Royals being told in three parts, and because of the fans’ dedication to our story, we get to tell the last one.”

Ambjörn added that the ending of Young Royals had been clear to her “from the start” before expressing her gratitude that she could finish the series as she originally intended.

Since the bittersweet renewal news made headlines, fans have been eager to learn more information about the new batch of episodes.

Fortunately, Netflix released a sneak peek into the final season of the Swedish series with a brief video across its social media channels.

“Nothing but good vibes as the Young Royals cast is back on set for the third and final season!” the streamer wrote on 13 April.

In the heartwarming video, the series’ cast reunite for one of their final table reads. Towards the end of the brief featurette, Edvin Ryding teases that the first episode is “going to be wow.”

In addition to the behind-the-scenes video, Ambjörn released a statement commemorating the show’s final season.

“Everyday is special because we are shooting the very last season(!!) as most of our FBI-skilled fans already figured out,” she wrote on Instagram.

“This hardworking, creative and genuinely fun team is everything, and I feel blessed to tell this epic third and final chapter with them.”

The series, which first premiered in 2021, follows the forbidden romance between the fictional Prince Wilhelm of Sweden (Ryding) and his boarding school lover Simon Erikkson (Omar Rudberg).

Since its release, the LGBTQ+ teen drama has been met with overwhelming praise from critics, who lauded the performances of Ryding and Rudberg, the scandalous storylines and for casting teenage actors in teenage roles.

The series’ groundbreaking success has also catapulted its two stars to global superstardom, which has resulted in them earning a combined Instagram following of four million people.

In an exclusive interview with GAY TIMES, Rudberg and Ryding reflected on the Young Royals’ popularity and the importance of the show’s honest story.

“I think that our honesty telling the story is what people connect to because when we meet people and when they write to us and see what they’re posting online… They feel seen and like they’re being listened to and embodied in a fictional story about love,” Ryding said.

Rudberg added: “We get so many beautiful letters every single day with people writing down their whole life stories and telling us how we’ve helped them.”

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