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Lovestruck High star Alex Dean shared his thoughts on Love Island’s lack of LGBTQ+ representation.

On 18 May, Prime Video released the highly-anticipated queer-inclusive dating reality series. 

Narrated by Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan, the series follows a diverse group of UK-based 20-somethings as they “go back to school for a second time to try and find ‘the one.'” 

An official synopsis from the streamer reads: “These students won’t be going back to any school as they’re fulfilling their teenage fantasy and entering the nostalgic picture-perfect world of an American high school in their search for love.” 

Since its debut, the series has received widespread acclaim on social media, with many praising the show for its LGBTQ+ representation.

One Twitter user wrote: “There is a dating show called ”Lovestruck High” on Amazon Prime. We always ask for inclusion for LGBT candidates on love shows and even wonder how it’ll run but LSH did it perfectly.

“And the REPRESENTATION?? There is even a masc presenting black woman on there. GO AND WATCH!” 

Another user said: “So lovestruck high is a reality tv dating show that has queers and POC representation and it’s not a mockery I love it must watch Also Lindsay mother freaking Lohan!” 

Fans have also compared the show to the popular dating series Love Island – which has recently faced criticism for its lack of LGBTQ+ islanders. 

Last year, ITV commissioner Amanda Stavri said that the show has to “give islanders an equal choice when coupling up.”

Stavri then claimed that the show’s current ” format” would make including gay people a “challenge” to this choice.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Lovestruck High competitor Alex Dean shared his thoughts on the ongoing discussion regarding Love Island’s lack of LGBTQ+ inclusion. 

“I can’t really speak for all the other shows because obviously, the big one that has made its brand, doing what it’s doing and has been successful doing that,” he said.

“I can’t really comment and say that it needs to change because that’s just the brand that it is.

“I think Amazon Prime Video’s Lovestruck High has really shown that it can be done, and if companies really wanted to, they could do that.”

Dean also opened up about other dating shows successfully incorporating LGBTQ+ contestants. 

“We’re not the only ones that have done it as well, there’s another show earlier this year that had people with more representation form the LGBTQ+ community involved,” he said. 

“Hopefully, it’s the start of something that’s more progressive for that environment moving forward.” 

You can watch all eight episodes of Lovestruck High on Prime Video.