The stars of Interview with the Vampire have revealed juicy new details on the show’s forthcoming season. 

On 12 May, fans will finally be treated to new episodes of the beloved supernatural drama based on Anne Rice’s critically acclaimed Vampire Chronicles book series.

Picking up after the events of season one, Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) and his pseudo-daughter Claudia (Delainey Hayes) head to Europe after they seemingly put an end to their maker, Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid).

While searching for other vampires, the two stumble upon Armand (Assad Zaman) and the mysterious immortal acting troupe, Theatre des Vampires, in Paris, France.

Louis and Claudia’s entry into the coven is fraught with challenges as they grapple with Lestat’s haunting memory and the treacherous power dynamics of the vampire world.

To celebrate the show’s upcoming premiere, AMC treated fans to an exclusive special preview of the new batch of episodes, including exciting cast interviews. 

At the start of the clip, Hayes revealed that she and Anderson’s characters will navigate a new dynamic following Louis’ refusal to burn Lestat’s body in the season one finale. 

“Louis is trying to earn back Claudia’s trust in him, but Claudia is very reluctant to hear it,” the Too Close star explained. 

Anderson added: “Louis and Claudia, obviously they experienced horror, and there’s a real trauma in what they did to Lestat.” 

On the topic of Lestat, producer Adam O’Bryne and executive producer Mark Johnson revealed that the Brat Prince’s spirit would be lurking in the background, with the latter explaining: “If you killed someone you love more than anyone else, it’s going to haunt you in every possible way.” 

Elsewhere in the video, the cast and creatives discussed the grand introduction of Theatre des Vampires and how the group will draw a bigger divide between Louis and Claudia. 

“It’s everything that Claudia has been waiting for. She feels like this can become her new home,” Hayes teased. 

However, Louis will share a different sentiment, with Johnson hinting that the former New Orleans businessman will be unsure about the campy new vamps. 

“[Claudia] is ecstatic. We’ve never seen her happier, and we’ve never seen Louise more uncertain,” he said. 

The IWTV team also shared details on the complicated love triangle between Louis, Armand, and the ghost presence of Lestat – who’s revealed to have been a co-founder of the Theatre des Vampires.


“Lestat is so present in their relationship that Armand cannot help but feel Lestat’s presence,” Zaman explained. 

Anderson added: “I think Louis needs friction in his relationships. Louis’ relationship with Armand is a direct response to Lestat.”

Lastly, Johnson revealed that the interview portion of the show and journalist Daniel Malloy (Eric Bogosian) is set to take centre stage this time around. 

“The interview goes from playing chess against one person to playing 3D chess against two people,” Bogosian teased. 

Check out the full exclusive preview here or below.