Sydney Sweeney and a “straight” Bowen Yang hooked up in an SNL sketch, and fans can’t get enough. 

On 2 March, the Euphoria star made her highly anticipated debut as the guest host of the long-running sketch comedy show. 

Wasting no time to charm viewers, Sweeney started her opening monologue with a cheeky shoutout to her recent film, Madame Web, which has since been embraced by many as a new campy cult classic.

“You might have seen me in Anything But You or Euphoria; you definitely did not see me in Madame Web,” she joked. 

She also poked fun at herself and the various headlines she made over the last year, including rumours of her cheating on her fiancé Jonathan Davino with her Anyone But You co-star Glen Powell.

In addition to her monologue, The White Lotus star delivered an array of comedic skits, including one where she falls in love with a “straight” version of gay comedian Yang. 

At the start of the sketch, Sweeney and the rest of the SNL cast are practising for the show.

During a break, The Voyeurs star admits to cast members Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim that she has a crush on Yang, resulting in the latter revealing that the Fire Island actor is actually “straight”.

“Bowen just plays gay on the show because it’s a shortcut to laughs,” Gardner added. 

Bowen’s “straightness” is further confirmed when she spots him making out with Showgirls star Gina Gershon.

The next day, Sweeney observes the Wicked talent taking part in stereotypical “straight-man behaviour” – like punching his male co-star’s groin and making misogynistic comments. 

“Bowen, I didn’t know you were straight,” Sweeney dramatically exclaims, resulting in Yang claiming that he’s “full hetero” and has a thing for blondes who are smart and have “heavy naturals”.

Things take a raunchy turn when the two talents end up making out and hooking up in an empty office. 

When Sweeney asks if they need protection, Yang declines, hilariously revealing that he’s on PrEP.

Towards the end of the skit, Sweeney asks if she can see Yang again, which results in him rebuffing her due to him having to “keep up appearances” as gay. 

Shortly after the episode aired, fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their reactions to the outrageous skit.

One viewer wrote: “Bowen Yang making out with both Sydney Sweeney and Gina Gershon in an SNL sketch about how he only pretends to be gay in real life so it can help his career… love.” 

Another fan tweeted: “The “what’s your type?” scene got me laughing on the floor.” 

A third fan added: “Bowen’s “I’m on Prep” was funny ngl.”

Even Yang joined in on the fun on Instagram, writing, “Secret’s out I’m a straggot” alongside a clip of the sketch. 

Check out the full SNL skit here or below.